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A year ago....

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A year ago this Thursday, I got my first (of many, LOL) BFP.


How quickly the year seemed to fly looking back.


People are now getting their BFPs for their Feb 2012 babes, so I'm sure this DDC will be closing shortly.


It's been great meeting you all and I hope to see you around MDC.





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Crazy how fast this year has gone by!


It's been a pleasure ladies! I hope many of you will join us on facebook so we can share pics and stories about our "no so little anymore" bundles of joy.

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wow! thanks for all the support ladies! what fun we've shared!!!

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this made me tear up. i concieved on May 31, last year. :) Got my BFP on June 23. Wow time just goes by so fast. :(

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Yup.  It will be a year tomorrow that I got my BFP.  I have been thinking a lot about that since I have very mixed feelings as I watch my little one grow.  the pregnancy went by so fast and now my LO is growing by leaps and bounds.   It doesn't help that she is off the chart for length so she looks much older.  I know that she is my last so it all so bitter sweet.  I love her smiles and watching her take in the world but I LOVED the little "love lump" stage and I am so sad to see that go.  It's a weird feeling to feel.

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