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Summertime spiritual practices

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It's almost summer, which hopefully means some great pool and beach time after the looooooong, snowy winter!  It also means a change in our church schedule - we go from 2 services, 8:00am and 10:00am, on Sunday morning to a combined 9:00am service.  While it's nice to catch up with people from the earlier service who we do not normally see, it's often a challenge to get up and out an hour earlier on a fine weekend morning!  But we make the effort because we enjoy our church community and we want to share the experience with our DS. 


During the summer when regular routines can easily become more relaxed or interrupted b/c of vacation, etc., how do you keep spiritual practices going?

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Before KIDS I would visit different churches. I would also go on mission trips. NOW it is just more of the same. But maybe I will change things up.


Summer is a GREAT  time of year. You are right it was a LLLLOOOOONNNNGGGG winter!!!!

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OH!!!! I do like to worship outside!!! So I always do that!!!!

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Cool, Nazsmum!  Which church(es) did you feel most connected with when you visited?  Where did you go on your mission trips?  I enjoy worshipping outside (informally) also - I'm considering possibly doing my morning excercises in the backyard once it warms up enough.


I see you're in NJ also - yeah, how did you like January, when it pretty much snowed at least once a week for a MONTH!

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Yes, this winter was one for the record books!


Missions trips- I went to the Olympics in '96 and YWAM in Elizabeth, NJ (I forget the yr) "street witnessing" w/a friend for a summer in Westfield, NJ.


As far as churches- I have gone to so many. Where are you in NJ? I visited a cool church in Summit. If you want I could PM you with some nice places to visit.


Where are you in NJ because we have been looking for a new church for a while. Maybe you know of one for us to visit;)

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Worship outside sounds nice.
Recently I have started a morning meditation including the 4 elements in it, fire, water, wind, earth. Sometimes my kids join me if they are awake. I would so love to practice this outside but it has been super rainy.
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Sounds cool.  I'm not far from Piscataway, and we go to a really nice Episcopal Church the next town over.  I can PM you with more info if you like. 


bluebirdmama1, the idea of incorporating the 4 elements into a morning meditation sounds really beautiful.  The sun is finally shining here, hope it is by you so that you can practice outside


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See the Lord in the beauty of God's creation. Seeing the wonders of that Jesus has made. Just praying and singing songs is so freeing.

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I just want to share my favorite pastor/teacher does "outdoor reteats" in the FALL/SPRING. PA in the fall. NJ in the Spring



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Thanks for sharing!

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We don't have services in the summer, so we tend to either visit other churches, or do things at home. I attended a service today at our local spiritual center. It was a nice change of routine.

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