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Another scale question/comparison

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After reading what others are using or planning to use and having used a not accurate digital fish scale the last time, I was wondering if we could get a comparison going.  


Pros and Cons.... Digital vs. Mechanical, hanging vs. stationary, fish vs. luggage.  


I would like accuracy first and foremost, then price, then simplicity.  



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*watched thread with interest*


I got a baby scale off of Amazon. It is supposed to be very accurate. 

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You both sound like me. I got this--




I chose it for accuracy (other digital scales may not do lbs and ounces, and some are only accurate within 2 ounces; fish scales are supposedly off by as much as 1 pound- makes sense for fishing stories, huh?).


Price-- wasn't too bad--- $40-$50?  A lot of scales out there are in the same range or higher. Even fish scales can be in this range (usually somewhere in the $30s, total), when you count the actual scale plus sling and maybe shipping.


Simplicity. Pull out of box. Put baby on. Get accurate reading. The end. :) With the fish scale, I know I would want to go and find some kind of cute custom sling or something. That would add more to the issue for me-- a "project", or separate thing to buy, order, wait on, etc. Some women will just use their regular household scale, using Daddy and then Daddy plus baby and calculating the difference. That works, but if you want to know the pounds and ounces accurately, you're going to have to do some math.


The only con I could see is that the fish scale is probably easier to store because it is smaller and more compact. Not a big deal to me-- I'll just slip this scale back in the box and put it in a closet or the attic or something until the next baby comes. :D Or you could just keep it around the house, in a bathroom or something, if you are trying to keep track of baby and toddler weight yourself, at home.


Hope that helps... :)

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I think I am leaning toward the Salter digital one from Amazon.  I was reading about why the hanging (digital) may have been off last time....apparently you have to move with very slow and deliberate movements (yeah, like a fish is going to stay perfectly still) or the calibration is thrown off.  I think the mechanical hanging (like a midwife one) would be the best, but I don't want to pay $60 and only be able to use it for a newborn.  Thanks for the help.  :)

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