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Well, the contractions are coming and going still. I was having them fairly regularly last night while I was entertaining myself with movies on Netflix. And then I was sooooo tired that I just had to go to bed. I woke up at 4:30 am, wide awake, and got up and sat in my rocking chair for almost 2 hours, just rocking and playing games on my phone. lol  And peeing a lot. A LOT. Then I went back to bed and slept for an hour or so and got up, got the kids off to school, and went back to bed for another couple of hours.


DS had a doctor's appointment so we went to that and I dropped him back at school and now I'm home for about a minute before I run to Target and Wal-Mart to return some gifts that I know I'll never use. I've had some more mucousy goo come out and while the time between the contractions has spaced out more They seem to be more intense and last longer than they were. I'm thinking that walking around two giant box stores will help too. But ultimately I'm not going to exhaust myself trying to force labor to happen. I've had too many friends and clients do that and then when they need their energy for actual labor and birth, it's all gone!



I would looooove a free prenatal massage! That sounds divine.


MaryE, I'm glad the BPP came back good! It sounds like your little bunny is just being lazy these days. Mine is still pretty active, but now he's all squirmy instead of the big kicks and stuff. He's all smooshed in there. lol