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is Lucielle a strange name? that's another family name- dh likes it because we could use luci for short. not sure if that's the way my family spells it- i need to double check. any thoughts? i can't figure out if it's too grandma sounding or not. any other names that shorten down to luci? i was thinking maybe lucia (pronounced loo- shee- uhh)?

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I think it's pretty, but I love old lady names ;)

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Luci names: Lucita, Lucianna, Lucetta, Lucinda, Lucina, Lucette, Lucy, Luz, Lucienne.

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I'm totally stuck on names this time around.  We named our daughter Siena, after visiting Siena, Italy, when I was pregnant with her.  I love it because it sounds common but is a pretty rare name (even when spelled with two Ns).  Her middle name is Ruby, for my great grandmother.  I love it because they're both from the earth (siena is clay) and they're both colors.


I like Sydney (another geographical name-- perhaps trip destination, too?) or Sophie (my great grandmother) for girls, but I'm hoping to find something not so common.  For a boy my husband wants Austin in the name.  I love it for maybe a middle name, but once again, too common.  Otherwise, no ideas.  :/


Sigh.  I hope we stumble on something that we love that has special meaning to us this time around, too.



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OP-I LOVE Fiona and Felix!


We are considering completely lost for girl, but a boy will most likely be Henry.

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I love name threads!

My first is Beatrix because I wanted an easy to understand name that wasn't common and I am all about children's literature.  We call her Trixie.  

My second is Hudson, and he was very nearly Alistair, he's a Hudson.

This one will be Maizie Jean for a girl, or Archer James for a boy.

Maizie is a family name and Jean is my middle name, Archer is my husband's favourite boy name, and it's started to grow on me, James is a family name.

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I just printed off *my* name list (8 girls, 17 boys) to take on vacation and muddle through with the old man.


It's so hard naming another human!

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I don't even want to think about names!  We named our first Kyla, and had her name picked out a year and a half before I was even pregnant!  When I was pregnant the second time, we found out she was a girl at 18 weeks, and it wasn't until 41 weeks that we settled on her name, and then I still was not quite sure.  I joke that we had to name her so we could send out the Christmas cards b/c she was born at home on Nov 30th!


This time around, we have no idea where to start with a girl name, and I like either Evan Patrick or Evan Samuel for a boy, but DH is not so keen on either......


We've agreed not to even discuss names until we know what this babe is, just to cut down on the frustration!

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Before my DP and I decided on even having a baby we hashed out the name thing. He said if he ever had a baby boy he wanted it to be named Christian, as that is his middle name. I wasn't too keen on it at first, but I warmed up to it quickly and accepted it. I told him that if I had  a girl it was going to be Hattie, after my deceased grandmother Harriet.  He said that was fine. 


I got to name all three of my other kids with little input or debate from my ex. My youngest two are boys and they were going to be Hattie if one of them were to have been a girl.


As for middle names, Christian would be Christian Pike. My DP goes by the name Pike and has since he was born, though it's not his legal given name.  Hattie will be Hattie Spring, Spring being my middle name.

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@AfricanQueen99: It IS really hard naming another human!!


My husband and I can't agree on any names.  We're not planning on finding out the sex before birth, so we have to think of twice as many as we would otherwise ;).  

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Me and DH can never agree on names. I don't want anything too out there since our names are all pretty common, however we named DD Olivia and the next year it was on the top 10 list which I don't like either. I kinda like Gretta and then Sabelle (this was DH's grandmas middle name) for boys I liked Dayton and then my close cousin just named her baby Dayton so thats out. With our last name I prefer first names to have at least two syllabols.

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Well we started talking about it last night, and as I sort of expected he doesn't love any of my favorites, and so far hasn't thought of any he loves either. I know he'll come up with some good names though. 2 of our 3 have names that were my favorites and at first he didn't like the names, then they grew on him. The other one, he thought up the name and I loved it. So I know we'll eventually come to a good decision!


Right now my favorites for a girl are Lucy (I see that one is pretty popular around here!), Sasha, and Skye. For a boy my favorites are Orion, Ian, and Sam.



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For a girl we love Gwenevere and for a boy we like Calvin (although I'm not completely in love with Calvin, but it's my favorite boy name so far). I don't like the idea of settling on names before we see the baby though so we will see!

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I think so far we're settled on Sean if it's a boy and Sophia if it's a girl.

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Oh man, we haven't remotely considered it. Both ds2 & ds3 weren't named until well after they were born. Ds1 keeps giving me girl names, though. I think so far there's been Sarah, Suzanne & something else I don't remember.

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I thought it would be nice to bump this thread since so many mamas now know if they're having a boy or girl. Names mamas?

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Not 100% sure, but the names that I like now are Fiona Meadow for a girl and Liam Israel for a boy.

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We haven't agreed on anything yet but it seems like Harper, Nico, and Potter are at the top right now. My daughter insists we should go with Princess Rosie. 


Some other names being thrown around- august, maelynn, ivy, luca, luke, lucy, roman, rory, sam, penelope/ penny, poppy, natalie, ocean, snow, sailor, kessa, june. I'm not sure if we've found the right one yet.. I changed my mind in the hospital as I was filling out my daughter's birth certificate last time! 



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Still no idea. Dh has suggested 3 girl names, which is more than I've ever gotten out of him before about 38 weeks. lol I'm not loving any of them, but I really didn't love our youngest's name, either. We have such different taste in names that every name except ds1's (who we named by about 20 weeks) has been a major compromise that we've had to hash out after the baby was born. Hoping we can do a bit better this time. I'd *really* like to avoid a super common name this time around. Last time our compromising landed us with a name in the top 10.

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We have our boy name that fits in with the general naming guidelines - has one family name and the *name* sounds like a surname. My husband won't shake on it, but I know he's ok with it as he came up with them!

No girl name yet. And I mean *nothing*...we both are feeling boy anyway. Since we aren't finding out we are going to feel shocked if a vulva pops out!
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