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Looking for a doll for my 4 year old DS

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We homeschool, and I am currently in the process of transforming our dining room into a Waldorf style playroom/schoolroom.

Its starting to look nice, we are gradually phasing out the plastic toys that we seem to have accumulated over the years.


My DH has made a wooden kitchen sink/oven, and will be making a wooden crib for dolls over the next couple of days.

So, we are looking for a doll to go in there!


But the Waldorf style dolls I have found are a bit out of our price range, I love them, but they do seem a bit expensive for what they are. I'm not very good at making things, so doubt I'd be able to make a very good one either!


Does anyone know of any waldorf style soft dolls that are more reasonably priced? And also the fact that my DS is a boy, he would most likely prefer something 'neutral' not too girlie.


Thanks in advance :)

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Not sure what you view as a reasonable price but the Camden dolls sold by Palumba are about half the price of other Waldorf style dolls. I believe they are also planning on bring different clothes to the line.  Fair Trade. Palumba generally has very good quality products at a fair price point.




Is your DS interested in doll play and by extension, house play? If not, the doll and other elements probably aren't going to convert them. My DS hasn't shown one bit of interest in the carefully chosen doll/doll accessories/housekeeping items I've purchased.


Another approach if you want to encourage "people play" is to get dollhouse house type doll. My DS is much more interested in his various collections of people and they have many adventures. But not dolls and certainly not because we don't encourage it. At various times he plays with Plan Toys wooden people, Duplo people, and now some playmobil.

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Thank you I will have a look at the link in a sec, yeah he does like doll play, and role playing, outside we have a playhouse/wendy house with a kitchen and play food which he likes playing with.

But inside I am trying to do away with the plastic, and create a warm, realistic home corner using wherever possible natural materials.


The dolls house would be a good idea, when we go to visit my sister, DS loves my two nieces' dolls house. 


Thanks again for the link.

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Have you thought about making your own Waldorf dolls? I know Weir Crafts has a doll kit. I believe there's a ongoing thread about making Waldorf dolls here on mothering too.




ETA: Here's a really good flickr tutorial on how to make Waldorf dolls. I found it really helpful when I attempted our first doll.


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It's hard to find soft dolls that don't look baby-ish.  But, here's one.

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We got one for dd from Joy's Waldorf Dolls, and since then, she has changed her business to a wholesale parts for Waldorf dolls instead of a finished custom doll shop http://www.joyswaldorfdolls.com/


We have got them from Magic Cabin twice now, and we always look for sales and discounts by email.  They are also nice quality.  


A final option I can think of is Etsy.  I have seen many handmade Waldorf items for sale on the site including many fun variations on the dolls- some made better than others.  I am picky, and do not feel all have good construction or proper eye/mouth placement, so be selective.  

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Thank you for these replies, and for the links also :)

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Just thinking, maybe you should ask this same question in the Waldorf portion the Education section of this forum.  I am sure there are many knowledgable Waldorf parents there.

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Ok, I've checked out some of the links and will ask in the Waldorf Section also. Having said that, we've just got back from a playdate at my sisters, where DS was very happily playing with the wooden dolls house :)

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