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Wonderful! Best wishes to you and your daughter - it's going to be a long haul, but worth it in the end.


Please keep us updated!


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Best wishes for a successful surgery and quick recovery!
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It sounds like you're making the right decision, and approaching it in a very well prepared way. It's such a difficult choice to make and a rough path to follow. Best of luck to you!

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Thanks for posting! It's good to get a positive update. Best wishes for a quick recovery. 

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I hope the surgery and recovery go very smoothly. 

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I apologize - I didn't read all the responses but wanted to add my experience.


I am very pigeon-toed. Saw many specialists as a child (who kept saying I would outgrow when it was obvious to my Mom that wasn't happening) until we saw one who basically said they would need to "break" my legs all the way up & realign them - probably similar to what you are describing. We decided not to pursue it at that point.


As a child/teen I turned my ankles a LOT because of it. Skating really helped strengthen things, as did growing & becoming more coordinated! At 13 I was hopelessly clumsy but I'm not sure my feet had that much to do with it - it's an awkward time for many kids.


I did have some troubles with a coach who would make comments about my gait, saying that was why I was not a fast runner but outside of that it was rarely mentioned. I know I have a "different" gait that is probably pretty identifiable - sometimes in pictures I even look awkward but it has very rarely been an issue.


Now as an adult I have a lot of difficulties with my hips being very tight. I powerlift & have to work very, very hard on my squat & being able to squat deeply. I spend a lot of time stretching this area - I'm fairly certain this is due to everything from hips down being turned in instead of neutral.


It is a very personal decision. I'm not sure I would do it myself, especially if it is not causing physical pain or problems.

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How is the recovery going for her?  I am pretty sure I would do the surgery for my kids.

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Thanks so much for all the well-wishes!


The surgery was Thursday. It took a long time, and it was tough on me knowing what she was going through (unconscious, I know, but still!), but the surgeon was happy with the outcome and there were no complications. The first couple of days in the hospital were rough. They had trouble finding an adequate pain solution, and then after a couple of days when they transitioned her off the iv meds, she had a very bad reaction to the first med they tried, so had to switch her to something else. The one she's on now controls the pain but is hard on her stomach. She's had a bad headache too, probably due to all the medications and anesthesia, and although it's slowly improving it's still wearing her down. It was kind of awful for me to see them pump so many different meds into her all willy-nilly, I admit -- we are very careful and spare with conventional medication at home. I found it really scary every time they just popped some syringe into her iv. I was probably the most annoying mom, always going "What is that? What is it for? Is it safe?" over and over.


But despite the med hassles and a long four days in the hospital, she is really doing great. Today is her first day at home. She had a physical therapy visit this morning and she's making excellent progress. Her spirits are very good for the most part, and while I was expecting her to be really regretting her choice at this point (thinking it might take her a while to get back to gladness), she is still convinced it was the right decision. She likes the way her legs and feet look now (though swollen and stitched) -- her knees point forward and so do her feet!. There is a long way to go, but I really admire her fortitude and perseverance.

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I'm glad she's home and feeling good about the surgery.  I think it's great that she likes how her legs and feet look now.  Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

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Thanks for the update. I hope she recovers quickly and is running about in no time. Keep us posted.

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I think it is great that she is staying so positive.  Keep us posted on how therapy goes! 



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Thanks so much!

Almost two weeks out now, she's doing just great.  She can sit in a chair, bend her knees enough to put her feet on the floor. Her PT is going well and she's feeling really good (aside from a little stir-crazy). I'm getting into good shape by helping lift her every day and pushing her around the house. Today she starts her schoolwork back up, and we're going to take a walk (roll) to the park for some fresh air.

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Thanks for the updates! I love her attitude :)

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