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My baby has red patches on her cheeks....

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My four month old dd has very red cheeks. Sometimes they even get to be little dime-sized parts on her cheek where the first layer of skin is gone. She rubs at her cheeks like it bothers her sometimes, and then she always rubs her eyes, cheeks and forehead when she's falling asleep. I have just started to put comfrey and calendula oil on them, but I wondered if anyone else has experienced this and has any suggestions.Her cheeks have been this way since she was about 2mths old, but they have flared up and then they'll get better(but only for a day or so)What is it, and how can I help?I sleep with her in my bed at night and I wonder if it has anything to do with my milk running down on her cheeks and then sleeping in it all night or I don't know that's just a GUESS.????Food allergy, rash??
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It sounds to me like eczema, which is an allergy and a rash together. I can't explain it as thoroughly as you deserve - just do a web search and you should be able to get plenty of info. Calendula is a great way to treat it. Also, avoid soap on her face and try moisturing it with olive oil. Good luck!
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yep sounds a lot like eczema

what yequanamama said!

and look to your diet for possible allergens (dairy, wheat, soy etc)
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I will third the sounds like eczema - this is how we found out about ds' allergy to the milk protiens I was passing through my milk. My dairy free pumkin is eczema free 90% of the time - still has issues with weather changes but no longer gets splotches on his face.
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It could be eczema but it also could just be chapped skin from drool. Have you tried just a plain thick oil or cream, something with no essential oils.?
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Iwould record the flare-ups and what has been going on environment-wise and food-wise. It took me a LONG time to figure out my son is allergic to the SUN! Even with sunscreen, he gets raised red pathes about the size of a dime for big ones and like pea sized for the rest. They can last for weeks until he is more used to the sun (?) Doesn't make sense to me, but it is bad in the spring and better by mid-late summer. I try to make him wear a hat to keep his face in shade (that helps) but he hates it. HE is 4 1/2, so he just rips it off if he doesn't like it! But they do itch him. There isn't much to treat them with eaither, as many things burn his sensitive skin. I tend to just use mild soap and MAYBE a very inert lotion of Vit E.

I wouldn't rule out food either. Try a pediatric dermatologist. They will prescribe cortisone (they always do!) but you can just not fill it.

Good luck!
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What has worked best on my ds' eczema is a salve I make out of olive oil and beeswax. Some times I add chickweed or calendula but just the olive oil works. Ds knows when he is itchy to grab the tub and bring it too me. It even helps with the nasty skin on his hands from sucking his fingers.
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I was wondering if it might be eczema, a couple of people told me they thought that it was. She was at the ped. when she was 2mths old and he told me it was dermititis(Spelling?), and to put hydrocortisone cream on it and that it would clear it right up, but I didn't want to put that on her. She has a red patch on her belly now too, and she is always itching at it when I change her diaper. I've been using the Weleda baby lotion, but I think it may be irritating her with the fragrances in it. I have another lotion that's OG with no fragrance that I should switch to. I tried cutting out all dairy products for 3 weeks and I didn't see any changes. I eat a lot of soy and quite a bit of wheat. I'm not quite sure what to try to substitute because I eat so much of those things, and I have VERY limited time to cook as it is. Another question- I use the bio-kleen laundry det. for her diapers and clothes, and I wonder if the citrus extracts in that could be irritating at all. Isn't citrus something else that they can be sensitive to? Thank you for all the insight so far!!! I hadn't heard of using olive oil. That might be something to try. Is the best way to figure out their allergy just cutting something out for a couple of weeks and then introducing it again to see if there's a reaction?I just feel bad when she itches at her tummy and face like that!
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