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decluttering collectibles

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I'm wondering what to do with things like crystal bowls, vases, figurines, snow globes, etc. We got a lot of these things for our wedding and for the most part they've sat unused for years.


They've very nice, in some cases somewhat expensive pieces. It doesn't seem like the kind of thing I could put on e-bay because they'd be hard to ship and I find myself very hesitant to bring them to goodwill or put them on freecycle. I think it's because I perceive they have real value and could bring in some money if I knew what to do with them. However, my inaction still means they're still in the house and I want them out!


What have you done to declutter these kinds of items?

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You could definitely sell them on ebay if you want to sell them. You could either ask for local pick up only, to avoid the potential breakages, OR you could just do some bombproof packaging!  Like pack it in multiple layers of bubble wrap, then put it inside a box, then place that sealed box inside a larger box which in turn is protected by bubble wrap.  I have found this method works really well for posting delicate items. Also be sure to write FRAGILE in big letters all round the parcel.  Here in Australia we can also pay a few dollars to insure the item we post.


If all that is too much bother, then you could get a charity to collect them for you, such as the Salvation Army.

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I would ask friends and family first if they wanted any of it. If they don't, and you know that none of the items are so valuable that they'd fetch a pretty penny so to speak, I'd give them to Goodwill or similar.

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I would check for a consignment shop in your town - we have one that deals in antiques but also takes in newer items such as crystal and collectibles.  Maybe put ads out in your local papers?  I think the people who collect those sorts of things stay on the lookout for ads.


I sympathize with you.  My grandmother recently passed away and one of the things she wanted me to have was her very large cabinet of fairy figurines.....dozens of glittery fairies, crystal fairies, glass fairies, mushrooms, fairy boxes, fairy everything....shrug.gif.  They were very special to her and I will probably keep one or two of my favourites, but I certainly have no intention of keeping all of them!  I know she spent a lot of money on them but I'm not sure how much effort I want to put into getting some of that money out of them.  I just don't want them to sit here in  boxes for years!!!!

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I found out that a local auction house has consignment auctions every week so I might be able to get rid of the things that way! No guarantee they'll go for much, but a pretty easy option. You just bring in the stuff with a list of your items and a driver's license and they give you a check within a week after the auction. smile.gif

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I would probably ask family/friends first, then try ebay. I kind of hate collectibles for this very reason.

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