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Introducing myself

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Hi, everyone! I'm new here and just made my first post. I am 32 and we are expecting our first baby this November. I've been on other boards but I'm still feeling my way around here. Just wanted to say hi!

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Congrats on your first baby!!!! 

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Hello i am also new here and this is my first post.

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Nice to meet you.  I am also new here and just posted my first intro post.  Congrats on your first child.  It is nice to meet you.


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Hi from Calgary, Canada!


Just thought I would introduce myself as well - This is my first time EVER on a forum. My sister swears by the learning and connection she gets from them - but I've just never tried - so here we go!


My husband and I are expecting our first baby ??? Nov 18th.


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Hi everyone. Nice to meet you all. I'm somewhat new here too. 

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Welcome.gif Welcome to Mothering!
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