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beginning to think about attempting a VBAC - what to ask midwife?

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I had a c-birth 13 months ago due to breech presentation. I am working through my issues surrounding this birth (thanks, in part, to the c-birth support thread here), and am beginning to think about my next birth. I am not ttc yet, but I want to begin researching and processing information about VBAC. My yearly appt. with my midwife (very pro-VBAC, by the way) is later this week. What questions should I ask her as I start to work emotionally toward deciding whether to attempt a VBAC? Thanks!
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My first question would be if vbac women are treated differently during labor, i.e., is an iv or efm routinely "required?"
Ask for "evidence based care."

And continue to explore philosophical approaches from there.
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First just breech the subject (no pun intended) and gauge her reaction....this will tell you almost everything you might find out by starting in with questioning.

I vbac'd seven months ago and had a doctor who was pretty on the fence about it...he was my best option at the time and I found that it was really all about me...MY attitude, MY determination. I went the extra mile (actually, 200 miles to the next-closest hospital that I felt comfortable delivering in), did lots of research and lurked on the vbac board constantly. Success stories are food for the vbacing mothers soul.

We can chat more if you want, I'll check back.

BEST of luck!!!

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Thanks, Jessica! I actually go today for my appointment, so I'm curious to see what the midwife has to say. I want to also ask about the percentage of women who attempt VBAC in this practice (of those who are "eligible"), and the success rate.
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How did your appt. go? Did you like her answers to your questions?
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Yes, she was very encouraging! She said that she strongly encourages people to attempt a VBAC if at all possible, and that her patients are very successful. Said that she usually lets people go a week over their due date before thinking of a c-birth. My mind is not made up, but I was glad to hear what she had to say. I have a lot of fear and doubt that I can actually deliver a baby vaginally, though this is pretty unfounded, medically. I got to 4cm and totally effaced last time with no problem at all (didn't know I was in labor even!), and only had the c because of the baby's breech presentation. I went into labor ten days early, and three days before my external version (to try to flip the baby) was scheduled. I know I have things to work through, still, but more and more I feel that I am moving toward wanting to try for a VBAC. A big part of me just wants to know that I can do it. My c-birth experience was very positive, so that, in a way, makes the decision harder. I think if I'd had a terrible experience I would be more set on the VBAC already. I am learning so much from these boards, and the support is great!
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Here's something I've learned the hard way, may not apply to you at all.

My ob is totally awesome and supportive of VBAC (rumor has it that she's had a VBAC herself, and that's why she's so positive about it). *But*... she's in a practice with 3 other drs., and they rotate call. The others are not as supportive as she is, and they seem to have different standards about when a repeat is called for. I didn't find out about the call rotation situation till I was ~4 mos pg, and figuring out where everyone stands on VBAC and what they think is "standard" has been annoying and confusing.

My cesarean with ds wasn't horrible, but frankly, I don't want to go through surgical recovery again. It has been a little harder to get mentally and emotionally prepared for my VBAC with the dr. situation thrown in.

So... if your shares call duties with anyone, I'd find out what she/he/they are like, too. And the back-up.
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I had a scheduled cesarean for breech presentation at 39 weeks. I didnt find out until after I had my VBAC that before the c section, but after I got the spinal that someone had examined me and I was 2 cm dilated.

I had a fairly positive experience also - no infections or anything like that.

When I became pregnant with my daughter (the VBACed child) the ONLY reason I figured I would have a VBAC was because the cesarean was hard on my son. (Since he didnt have fluid squeezed out of his lungs during a vag. birth he had a very hard time breathing and we were separated for hours, which also made nursing very difficult). I KNOW that this was traumatic for him. That was our personal experience but I know that it is different for everyone.

I didnt start wanting to have a VBAC for ME until I read a few birth stories and saw what I had missed. During my csection I personally felt like I might as well have not been there. There was no participation, no connection with what was happening...I also had a hard time bonding with the baby.

After my VBAC I kept looking at Paityn and thinking "this is who I grew in my body and gave birth to all by myself!!!"

It was so different. I am pregnant again now and planning a homebirth.

Anyways, these are just my thoughts and experiences. I know that everyone has their own journey and I wish you luck with your decision.
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