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Natural Cold Remedies

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My kids have a nasty cold and strep! UGH! Today I have been feeling run down and tonight it turned into nasal congestion and a sore throat. I dont feel like it strep, but more like that post nasal drip on one side thats leading to one swollen gland. Anyway, blah blah blah...


Does anyone take Airborn or Boiron Cold Homeopath? I have no experience with taking either of these pregnant but this is what I have on hand and what I normally take when coming down with a cold. I also have echinacea tea...thought? Suggestion? I really cannot get sick right now! For the first time in 6 month I have a girls trip planned to VT this weekend to see a concert and spend 2 days galavanting with my camera! Please not now! :0)



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Have you ever tried grapefruit seed extract? I have treated (mild/minor) strep with it. I would gargle with it 3x a day as well as drink 15 drops in OJ. And zinc lozenges. I also love love love New Chapters Immunity Take Care. It has been a life saver for us! 

Other than that, there is garlic, vit c, the usual stuff...

(this is what I have used in the past, please, check with your provider, cause I am NO health care provider, and strep an get nasty! :)


I would personally stay away from the airborne products because of all the junk thats in them. 


Hope you all feel better soon! 

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And from my understanding, Airborne is basically just vitamin C.... so, if that's what you're looking for, load up. But also it was my understanding that "vitamin C boosts the immune system!" was just an old wives' tale. I can't give any recommendations for what TO try though...sorry!

(side note... do be careful if it is strep. because it can progress into scarlet fever if left untreated!)

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