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Good Chiropractor in Providence, RI area?

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I'm looking for a gentle Chiropractor for myself and my DS within 30 minutes of Providence.  Someone who can do Bodytalk is an extra bonus.  



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I don't know about gentle or bodytalk, but I went to Dr Tom at Northeast Chiro (on Waterman, East Side)


and really liked him.  Also know others who have had good experiences w him.  Worth going to talk w him at least.

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My husband and I have used several chiropractors in the greater Providence area, and we currently both go to Dr. Kristin Kolesar at 207 Wickenden St. (website is www.providencechiropractic.com).  Phone # 401-270-3773. 

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I'd recommend anyone at Rhode Island Spine Centre. I especially liked Dr. McGovern.

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We really love Kelly Frye at Frye Family Chiropractic.  They are in East Greenwich, right on route 1, near Apponaug in Warwick.

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I second Kelly Frye!  I'm not familiar with Bodytalk, so I'm not sure if she does that or not.


I also have used and really like Dr. Christopher Herzig in Pawtucket, RI.  The last time I was there, was over 6 years ago.  (I moved.)  At that time, the office was kind of like a time capsule. It was very clean and in good shape, but very dated.  The practice was previously owned by his father.  They practiced together for many years until he passed away.  Not sure if they've done any updates to the office or not.  It in no way hindered the care received, I just found it really funny and it's something that's always stuck in my mind.



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I liked Angela during pregnancy http://www.ciresichiro.com/

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Wondering if there are any other recommendations?

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