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Tell me about your favorite sling or carrier

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Okay - AP is new to me within the last year (beginning of pregnancy with DD). I wore DS (33 mo) a bit as a baby but more out of practicality than having any clue about the benefits of babywearing. I had a Snugli (I know everybody hates these!) for him, and I kept it for DD. I realized through all my research and time here on MDC I wanted to wear her quite a bit, and I started carrying her in the Snugli shortly after she was born. 



It actually has worked pretty well thus far - when she was a newborn, she could face toward me and nap while I played with DS or did chores or whatever, and by 3 mo she could face forward and watch happenings/play etc during walks and at the playground and all of that. I love wearing her, and she loves it too! joy.gif



But now she's almost 4 months (and about 15 lbs!) and I realize I really need to make an investment into a worthwhile sling or carrier... something a lot more functional. Here's what I'm thinking. I need to be able to nurse her IN it, I need her to be able to turn in and nap or at least rest/tune out the world when overwhelmed, and I need her to be able to sit up/face forward and be part of things during her active time. I plan to wear her for the long haul so I want something good! Tell me about your favorite..........




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I have lots of favorites and they all serve a different purpose.


If you want to nurse, I recommend a ring sling.  I love my Maya Wrap brand ring sling.  LOVE it!  It's lightly padded and super comfy. I mostly use it for a hip carry for quick trips to the store.


I love my Ergo for longer trips and for naps.  I have nursed in it, but it's not the most discreet thing.  I scoot the baby down as far as possible and then pop out my breast for a nurse session and her head is straight in front it.


I love, love, love both my stretchy and non-stretchy wraps.  So cozy, so secure, so cozy.  And so comfortable for the adult too.  Both of mine are just one long piece of fabric from the red tag clearance section.  I highly recommend a stretchy wrap for the newborn stage, but you are beyond that.  Oh and I nurse in these the same way as the Ergo.


I'm not sure of any "crunchy" type baby carriers that recommend forward facing because it's not as comfy for the adult because of the way the weight is distributed.  I have put my daughter face out in my non-stretchy wrap though, without problems for either of us.

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I agree with PP.  I have many different carriers, and I use them at different times.  For your DD's age, I would get a ring sling and an Ergo.  I use them almost exacly like PP does.... Ergo for longer trips and for naps and walks and hikes etc and my ring sling for shorter trips in the store or around the house when DD2 needs to be up, but just for a quick bit.  I can still wear DD1 in the ergo on my back and she is just about 3 and weighs 32 lbs.  You may be able to use the Ergo with your DS too (I think it goes up to 45 lbs or something).


The Ergo has been on babysteals and other such websites quite a bit lately, you may have luck contacting them to see if they have any left in stock that you can get the 50% off discount (it worked once for me on one of these sites).


Good luck!

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