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Nausea getting worse?

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Is this happening for anyone else? I didn't really have any food issues at the beginning, and now, for the last two weeks or so, after 6pm I'm toast. Or rather, that's all I can stand to eat - toast/crackers and ginger tea. My husband doesn't get home until after 7pm, often closer to 8pm, so dinnertime has historically been late, but I just can't eat then anymore. I made shrimp and asperegus risotto - so delicious, in concept, I love it - but after a few bites I was ready to puke. Last night I made enchaladas, and again, a bite or two and I was green.


I know some people have it WAY worse than this, so I feel bad whining that I can't eat dinner. Just threw me that it started this late I guess. Solution is to front load my day, nutritionally, and not fight the post-6pm crackers and tea?

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My 24-7 underlying nausea has started to lessen a bit (as in I'll have moments during the day when I think, "Hey, I don't feel that sick right now!"), but evenings have still been bad for me lately, too.  I need to eat (because my stomach is growling!), but there is just NOTHING I want to eat.  And I feel so guilty, too, because those precious evening hours are hours I want to devote to my kids and I've just been a massive blob lately.

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I am feeling a CONSTANT underlying nausea.  I try to eat, and I usually get a couple bites in before I have to stop, but it's really difficult.  I'm also  completely devoid of energy. 



This phase can pass quickly please. 


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My nausea has been getting worse, yes. I'm not too bad in the morning as long as I follow the rules - eat crackers, toast, dry cereal, etc. upon awakening and snack throughout the morning, no coughing, and wash dishes only if they're not gross, lol. Lunch is the only meal I can eat without fear. And by dinner, I'm mostly sitting at my place and staring at the food, wishing I could eat it.
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I was going to post something like this today! I'm 11 weeks, and I have been feeling much better the past 2 weeks (still some nausea, but, way better than it had been), but, yesterday I woke up feeling horrible...I actually thought I had a bug, but, it became clear throughout yesterday and today that it directly coincides with me getting enough to eat (or really just that I eat often) and also my activity level (the more I do the more icky I feel). I don't get it! I thought I was in the clear! I guess maybe sense I was feeling better I slacked on eating often and picked up my activity level (I started going to the gym again and actually caring for my house lol)...the other thing is the nausea is back but I actually feel more lightheaded than before...I think maybe my BP might have decreased more...maybe I'm not drinking enough? I am drinking lots but I have been outside a lot and the AC in my car is broken - it's been in the 80's here this week (whereas it was in the 60's and 70's the past few weeks). Who knows...but, I don't like it! I sick almost until the third trimester with DS2 so I am hoping this is not what's going on this time....

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So I've been eating dinner around 6 or so (earlier when I'm home earlier) the past couple of nights, and that at least allows me to eat it, even though I'm having to eat it with out my hubby :( I do sit with him while he eats dinner, but it's not the same, yanno? I'm finding that I'm ravenous around 9-10pm though. I tried having a frozen fruit pop last night - no smell to those - and it went down well. Maybe have to get some more of those. Protein, carbs, dairy and fruit go down well these days, so I'm sticking with them. Unfortunately, veggies hold almost no appeal.

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I am so feeling this too.  Last week I thought I was in the clear, I felt good and happy and my stomach only hurt a little. I cleaned the house, scheduled apointments, had a sex drive,  even cooked for my family (woohoo). Then this week I feel awful again.  Hard to eat, nothing looks good, I have to force myself to eat cuz I know if I don't it gets worse.  And I'm exhausted and moody again (and sex reminds me of how I got this way).  But at least I know its GOT to get better soon.  We are almost out of this first trimester girls.  Just a few more weeks and we should be feeling better.  (cross fingers)

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I feel very similar.  Can't eat a thing in the evening -after about 5:30 I'm out.  The last couple of weeks I've gone from being constantly sick feeling to tired in the day sick in the evening. So Happy I'm finally pregnant, but so sick of it at the same time.  I feel awful whining too, It just really sucks.  A couple of evenings ago my husband finally heard me "getting sick" though so he can't say I'm just being dramatic anymore.

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