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February 2012 Introductions!!!

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I guess I'll be the first to introduce myself:

DH and I are expecting our second child sometime in early February. The due date calculators all put my date right at Feb 1st. We are super excited, even though we were a bit nervous at first. I have a 14 month old, and we have VERY limited space, but I think we have figured out a way to make it work for a couple of years, so we've addressed the fears and have moved on the excitement stage. I got a super early BFP at 8 dpo, so I realize it may be days before anyone else posts smile.gif. Our babes will be 22 months apart, and I'm interested to talk with other moms about what its like to have kids close together, how to deal with the new baby around DD, and what I need for two! We are hoping for a UC this time!

I have already started having symptoms. Super heartburn greensad.gif that only occurs when Im pregnant. With DD, I went to the doctor to describe the pain because I had previously never had heartburn and I thought something was really wrong. bag.gif . Ive woken up nauseous for the past 4 days and I have been having headaches in the afternoon. I have been sleeping a ton, and feel like I could fall asleep at any moment.

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You beat me to it! When i opened the Feb 12 group there were no posts, and by the time i posted (I'm at work and it took me 20 min) you had already posted this! hehe, great minds!




Sorry you are ALREADY having yucky symptoms =(  The only reason i know so early is because we had an oopsi-do and I've been waiting to see if it...well...materialized....and WHAT DO YOU KNOW...preggers! lol. We were a little shocked but are super excited and love our babies! My guys wont be quite as close as your kiddos, my youngest is 22 months now - so they will be about 2 1/2 years apart. I'm a little stressed about the age difference as well because my daughter had 4 years as an only child....so i kinda feel like I am jipping my little guy. Silly, i know, but it make me even more determined not to wean him early. My daughter nursed until she was 3 and i have no problem tandem nursing him and the new baby if he still wants to nurse.


I had a c-section with my daughter, and a homebirth with my son, and am planning another homebirth with this babe. We moved to a new state where homebirth is actually covered by insurance....HECK YA! I have a meeting with the midwives next week so it'll be interesting to see how much more support they get in a state that coveres homebirth.


Feeling crampy, but thats about it. I always feel crampy when I'm first pregnant and i imagine i have some adhesions from my c-section that are stretching out and i ALSO could just pass out right at my desk right now. Yay for pregancy symptoms. I love having this tiny secret right now!

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DP and I are expecting our first, due around Jan 31st/Feb 1st.  Since I am a first time mom, and no woman in my family has ever given birth before ~41 weeks, I figure I will most likely be having an early February baby.  I am currently planning on a natural hospital birth.  


This was a planned pregnancy, although we we initially going to wait another month or two before trying.  We gave up on the whole "waiting" thing this cycle and BAM!  Here I am smile.gif  We were both really surprised that it happened so quickly.


THe only symptoms I have so far is some mild intermittent cramping (it seems to be more noticeable when my bladder is full) and tender breasts, but that's it.  Even with (several) positive pregnancy tests I am having a hard time believing that I am actually, for real pregnant!  It's so surreal.  

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Hi! Joining in as well. I'm due on Jan 31/Feb 1 based on my ovulation date. This will be my third (and final) child. I have two awesome boys--one will be a few weeks shy of 5 and the other will be 27 months (and probably still nursing) when this baby is born. Is it OK to say I'm kind of hoping for a girl?shy.gif


DS #1 was born in the hospital, DS #2 was born at home, and I'm planning on a homebirth for this baby as well.


For the past few days, I've been feeling vaguely dizzy and queasy. Definitely crampy...and everything smells like spoiled milk to me. I have a feeling it's going to be a loong 1st tri.


Congrats to everyone!



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hi guys! I'm jess,I have been posting in Jan, but my EDD  guess is feb 1-2. We all know how that goes right? This will be my 6th child  lol . I'm pretty sure that's all you need to know thats really important right? If you want to know anything else just ask me!

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I posted in the other Feb 2012 thread, but I'll introduce myself here too.


I'm Lia and I have two boys ages 4 and 2.  Based on ovulation I'm due somewhere between Jan 30th and Feb 2nd.  I was 1+ weeks early with my first two, but I hear baby #3 is usually a wild card.  So far that is proving to be true.  I've been spotting on and off since a few days after the positive test and I've never spotted or bled during either of my other pregnancies.  I'm hoping for the best since I know lots of moms who have had similar circumstances and everything was just fine.


My first birth was a hospital birth, second was a homebirth and planning another homebirth this time around.

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I just got my BFP.  DH and I are both 31, we just celebrated our five year wedding anniversary yesterday.  This is our first child.   By my own calculations EDD is 2/2/2012 but I need to call the doc on monday!

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Hi all! 

My name is Jesse, I got a BFP 3 days ago, and a blood test done right after that to check my HCG. MW said my levels were right around 5 weeks and strong thumb.gif DH and I had been TTC for over a year and experienced two losses, so we are proceeding with caution, but are very excited. I feel different this time around, definitely pregnancy symptoms (plus I've come down with a nasty cold) whereas with my losses I never felt pregnancy symptoms. We currently have two sons. I want another boy. DH wants a girl. Of course I don't really mind either way. My first was a medicated hospital birth, second was a natural birth at a freestanding birth center. This babe will be a home birth. Very excited, congrats ladies !!!! 


Also wanted to add that my two are exactly 2 1/2 years apart. I think it is a fun age gap. It was a little challenging at first because my first was late to PT (and so is my second, despite cloth diapers!) now their age gap is fun. They're close, love to play together and are best friends. I'm a little bummed that this babe will be almost 4 years apart from #2. But I'm sure it will be a blessing! My eldest will be 6 soon and has been begging mommy and daddy for a baby for a year, so I think he will be a big helper this time around. 


Edited to add EDD (pregnancy brain redface.gif)

Feb 1st according to my O date.

Late Jan according to LMP. 

I'm going to say "early Feb baby" 

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I'm so excited to finally be here.  I have a daughter who is 2 1/2, and we've been trying for #2 for over 18 months.  I'm having a hard time believing I'm actually pregnant after trying for so long!  I tested positive a little over a week ago and am having much more nausea and fatigue than I had with my first already (but I'm on supplemental progesterone, so that is playing a part, too, I know).  I'm due, by my calculations, sometime around January 30th, but my first was a week late, so I expect this one will come in Feb.  I had a natural (though difficult) hospital birth with a midwife the first time around and I expect we'll plan for the same this time, minus the "difficult", hopefully!


So glad to be here and enjoying reading everyone's posts!


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zipper, what fun that you are here, amazing after 18 months!

I don't feel anything yet, but it is still soo early for me.

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My name is Aly and I'm so excited to be able to write here!!!!! I just came off the pill in March and had a long cycle my first one off....read Toni Weschler's Taking Charge of your Fertility book (so good) and began charting my waking temps and cervical fluid, I had it down perfectly to the day I ovulated and lo and behold...took a prego test yesterday and we're pregnant!!!! We are waiting to tell our family until we are a bit further along so it's been so hard not to scream with excitement at the top of our lungs!!! I'm thrilled to have found this!!!!!!!!!


Estimated Due date is Feb 6/7th!! We are SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!! It's our first. We've been married a little over 2 years.


I'm really hoping to do hypnobirth at a birthing center with a midwife...my current OBGYN is a bit worried since I have a history of breaking my back when I was 15 and have 2 spinal rods, 6 screws and 4 pins and an epidural isn't an option for someone who's had a spinal fusion at my level... (I work in anesthesia)...but I told her no worries...I want to be able to do what my body was made to do, have a baby naturally!!!! Anyone have a hypnobirth? A friend of mine did it for both her children and had a wonderful experience. I have read the book and plan on taking the classes in my 2nd tri.


Anyone in Mass have some advice on places/people/classes for hypnobirth? I'm in Framingham...


Congrats Everyone!!!!!

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Hi Gals...and Congrats on your BFPs. I got mine 4 days ago at 11dpo, but it feels like ages have passed. The most uncomfortable symptom I'm having is terrible joint/muscle pain. It's the strangest symptom ever. I also have some uterine cramping and stretching, mild nausea and mid morning exhaustion...though that could be from nursing a toddler who doesn't sttn yet. My DS is almost 18 months and nurses 5-7 times in a 24 hour day (with 2 or so of the sessions overnight). He wakes up really early lately too (5:30), so by 10am, I'm just done. I felt my supply start dropping about a month ago. It coincided with him eating much more food and with him improving his sleep habits....longer day time nap and longer night time stretches. Anyway, I truly hope to nurse him throughout this pregnancy and into the world of tandem. He was a drug-free hospital birth with a MW and we're planning the same route this time.  I'm in NY (Long Island) and sadly, there are no free standing birth centers. Homebirth isn't an option for us. DH and I took a Bradley class the first time and I studied Hypnobabies at home. Both courses were extremely helpful during our labor and birth process. I'm excited to chat with everyone. Hope your first trimesters are smooth sailing : )

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Congratulations everyone!


I'm pg with my second with edd around Feb 1st.  My dd is 2 1/2 and we had a natural hospital birth with her...I am hoping for a birth center with this one and maybe a  home birth if I can convince DH :)


I don't have any major symptoms yet and it still doesn't really seem real that I'm pg again...I've been wanting to start ttc for so long and every time my period was even a half day late I was convinced we had a "surprise" pregnancy...i've taken so many negative pregnancy tests that I couldn't believe this one was actually positive...i'm so excited!!

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Hi ladies!!!  I got a positive HPT last week Tuesday.  We are so excited!!  In January, we had a miscarriage at 10 weeks and I was so upset about it.  The doctors couldn't explain why it happened and I couldn't understand either.  I am so cautious with this one.  I feel alright....a bit of nausea during the day and more so at night (like now).  Sore breasts and fatigue....the usual :)  I am taking it super easy as I just want to make sure baby sticks this time.  


Our EDD is February 1!  We already have one...DD is 3 1/2.  Full of life and sooo much fun!  


We are waiting to tell people until after our first appointment.  


Nice to meet you all; can't wait to hear more!



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Hi all!

My name is Katie, and according to my lmp date - I'm due around Feb 4th. I have a 3 year old and an 18 mo old. We are very excited about this pregnancy, and planning our first home birth. I think this will probably be our last baby, so I'm really trying to soak this whole pregnancy up - I sometimes can't believe we are going to have three kids! I am really just trying to stay rested and healthy and keep my thoughts positive.

Glad to be experiencing this with all of you!

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Hi, expectant moms! I just posted this in another thread so sorry if it's a repeat...


Like Holly, I have a 14 month old and am due Feb 1 -- my birthday! We're excited and nervous. I think my LO will be a great big sister, though. :)


Trying for a VBAC home birth (DD was breech), so working on building up my strength and courage over the next 9 mos! :)


So happy to be here!



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Hi all! I just posted my own thread, but I am posting here too. I made a bet with my husband this morning that I was not preggo. Well guess who won that bet? Not me. This will be our 7th, yup 7th! I'm a little shocked because i was done having babies. So here I am  athough I am worried about a miscarrraige. I'm 10% excited and 90% worried right now.


I am high risk normally so I,  don't get to do a home birth but I go as natual as I can with a midwife.

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Originally Posted by montanamama1 View Post

Hi, expectant moms! I just posted this in another thread so sorry if it's a repeat...


Like Holly, I have a 14 month old and am due Feb 1 -- my birthday! We're excited and nervous. I think my LO will be a great big sister, though. :)


Trying for a VBAC home birth (DD was breech), so working on building up my strength and courage over the next 9 mos! :)


So happy to be here!



Your user pic is so freakin' adorable! Those hats are amazing. Congrats!joy.gif
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Just got my BFP last night! joy.gif Looks like we're due around Feb 9th! So excited!!! biggrinbounce.gif This will be baby #2 for us.  My ds is 13 months, so they'll be 21 months apart! Yikes!  It will be great though thumb.gif We will be trying for a VBAC.  I just talked to a midwife today and we'll be meeting with her next week. Only symptoms so far are round ligament pains and a dip in my supply.  DS is not happy with the amount of milk I have, poor little guy! guilty.gif Look forward to hanging out with you all for the next 9 months! Here's to a happy and healthy 9 months for us all! joy.gif

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Hi everyone!  


My name is April and I am pregnant with baby #2 and due around February 12th.  My beautiful daughter Lily, who will be 3 years old at the end of July, was born at home in the water at 43 weeks.  If this new baby is anything like his/her older sister, I will probably end up delivering in March. lol.gif   


We had actually been TTC since September (charting and using OPKs) and decided to stop last cycle and just try to be happy with what we have.  Well, I guess that is all that we needed.  


My life is pretty crazy right now since we were not really planning on being pregnant.  I have been SAH with Lily since she was born, but a couple of weeks ago I accepted a part time job starting in the middle of this month.  On top of that we have decided to put our house on the market and downsize a bit and that is happening this week.  LOL  I am a perfect example of the saying, "life happens when you are making plans."


I am still very close with many of the women from my July 2008 DDC- we have our own off board.  Those women have been such an amazing and unexpected addition to my life and I can't imagine not having them to "talk" to.  These DDC are really an amazing asset and I look forward to getting to know all of you. 


Glad to be here ladies!



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