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definite lip tie, can't see a tongue tie please help!

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Ds had a lip tie, I also suffer from low milk supply, possible IGT, was only able to make about 40-50% of ds's needs. Now with dd, I see a definite lip tie, but she is having much more problems than ds did. I am supplementing the same, but I have also been taking herbs, have had increased growth, and don't feel like she is getting anymore milk than ds, but i don't think she is an efficient nurser, I have read many people just tuck the lips out for the lip tie and i have been doing that, rather than getting it clipped, but she also has a shallow latch, weak suck, and i just was reading on a web site about tongue tie and dd also has problems with clicking sounds, smacking sounds, she gags alot and chokes and drools a lot, but i cannot see a tongue tie at all. Am I missing something? Advice needed!



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Could she have a posterior tongue tie? That is harder to see than a anterior tongue tie where you can clearly see the frenulum attached to the tongue towards the front and the heart-shaped tongue tip. My DS had a lip and posterior tie and it took several lactation consultants to finally diagnose the tie, and one ENT even said he didn't have a tongue tie. Here's a link with some photos of posterior ties (scroll down)...



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I agree with the pp. Posterior tt can be hard to diagnose. My DS could stick his tongue out past his bottom lip but he couldn't lift it up to his palate (to support or 'hold' the breast) so he clicked and lost suction constantly.


Also, I've heard lip tie and tt go hand in hand because it occurs during the same process (or lack there of) while in utero.


Good luck.

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Also, don't hesitate to take her to an LC. They are worth their weight in gold!!

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Ditto the posterior tongue tie. IMO, it's less about what someone "sees" under that tongue and more about what the tongue can do functionally. Check out that link given by momo123. I found this link helpful, too http://www.lunalactation.com/KnoxTT.pdf

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okay I contacted a local LLL leader and got some names of those that know about tongue tie and will clip them, I am going to bring dd on tuesday to a Pediatric nurse who is also an IBCLC she squeezed dd in eventhough she isn't taking new patients, hoping we can get this figured out, as I just know something is not right with dd, I have tried about 6 different bottle nipples and she still drools and spits milk out while eating from all the types of bottles, some less than others, but you know that mother's instinct telling you something just isn't right, well that is what this is i suppose, so yeah i know i have low milk supply, but there is definitely something going on dd's end as well, I don't think i noticed it much the first couple weeks as I was only giving dd 5-8 ounces of supplement and my milk didnt come in until day 4 but now that she is needing more i am noticing it and a lot more gagging and choking when she breastfeeds and eats from a bottle...will check out that link now!

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