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Now what? Discouraged.

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Some of you know my story. For those who don't, here's the summary. 


My daughter EC'ed full time from 4-9 months. Then part time (on routine and the clock) from 9-14 months. From 14 months on, as long as she was kept naked from the waist down, she would take herself to the potty (with the occasional reminder). However, she never (NOT ONCE) pee'd on cue until closer to 18 or 20 months. Despite all of her "success", there was a lot of misses and "Why is she not getting this". 


At 20 months, her baby brother was born. She regressed almost immediately (within a month), and now at 32 months, she rarely pees on cue anymore, and will OFTEN just go in her pants. She always tells us when she's wet (or has pooped), and will often change her own clothes (and sometimes clean up her own mess), but my son is now one year old and I'm SICK AND TIRED of literally 12 more months of "EC". 


I don't remember the last time she took herself to the potty, and when we take her she WILL pee on cue, but only if there's a "reward" (ie. "You need to pee first, then you can sit on the couch with the ipad"). This isn't a reward as much as it "don't sit on the couch/bed if you're due for a pee". We apply the same rules for going outside to play. Pee before going out... which she almost always refuses to do, then pees in her pants when we're outside (which means we have to come back inside). 


Just now she sat for about 10 minutes on the potty, then got up to use the computer. A minute later, she peed on the chair. 


Short of going to some sort of reward system, does anyone have any suggestions? Her brother turns one this week and he reliably uses the potty, so I know it's not a "I want to be like the baby" thing... 


I've been debating getting rid of the potty completey and just taking her to the toilet at regular intervals, but I think that might create more pressure (unless we instill some sort of reward system). 


Ugh... Thoughts? I try not to let her see, but I am BEYOND frustrated.

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I should also add that even though she has MANY words, she's got very delayed speech and rarely puts two words together. I can't help but wonder if something else is going on. If anyone has any ideas of what that might be, any help would be appreciated. 

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