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Getting records from hospital?

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How do I go about getting a copy of my records from the hospital from ds's birth? Actually, I want both his and mine. Do I call records? Will I be charged?

FYI, I want the records because it's 10 1/2 months later and I need to start working through all the crap that occured during the time that we were in the hospital. I thought getting the records in my hands might be a good place to start.
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Call the hospital Patient Records and let them know that you want a copy of your record and your child's record. Sometimes they are backed up and it might take a while so they will usually let you know when they will be ready.

They might charge you a copy fee but most states have a limit of abour $25.00 per record. Some hospitals will not charge you anything.

Be sure to specifically request the "complete record" or they might just give you part of the file.

I'm not familiar with your story of the birth but I hope that getting the records helps in some way.
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I requested my chart, from my OB clinic and my medical records from the hosptial. I got most of what I wanted...

...but then my homebirth mw, a former L&D nurse, clued me in, that I need to request my nurse's notes, aka labor notes, aka labor progress notes fromt the hosptial. After that request, I had all the good stuff.

For me, my records were all free. I called the hosptial and the clinic, to ask them how to request my records. They said I'd need to write a request letter including my SSN, & dates of the birth.

These documents are priceless to me; I am so happy and relieved to have them. A useful tool when working thru past births.
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Yes, often times the clinic records & the hospital records will be different. And ask for your *complete* records.

Also, be aware, that due to HIPPA guidelines, you will need to sign for your records.
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Records can be very healing, at least then you know more on what happened and why.
I got mine for my first child 2 years after she was born at the prompting of my dh because I still had so much baggage and fears hanging around. I made a trip to the hospital and went down to the medical records department, showed them my proof of ID filled out some papers and just kept asking "Is this EVERYTHING? I want it ALL." I did not have to pay anything for them, just wait around in there office for a while for them to copy them.
Turns out my baby's shoulders got stuck on my pubic bone (so that explains the 2 1/2 hours of pushing with my knees up to my shoulders.............) It was very healing to know....they never told me...scary, but I never knew that until I got my records, you would think they would tell you stuff like that, but I guess some places just dont. One good thing I found in my records was a couple of nurses made comments like "Mother seems very carrying towards newborn" and "Baby and Mother bf with no problems, no intervention necessary". Thank God for that at least.
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