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summer shoes

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I'm looking to get my almost 18 month old some shoes for the summer that are cool and airy, will stay on, and can get wet. She's been walking since 10 months so she's pretty steady and spry at this point, but it would nice if they weren't totally stiff. Any suggestions or recommendations?

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I've had luck at some of the local consignment stores. And some of the used shoes seemed more flexible than the new shoes in the stores. For example see-kai-run, jumping jack, strideride.


Generally I've found, that a lot of brand news shoes are much stiffer than I thought (for example see-kai-run, strideride, keen, teva ).


We've got some gripngo pediped that were really flexible from the beginning, but they are also pricier. 


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We had a pair of water shoes that slip on and those worked great!  You can find them at Toys R Us/Babies R Us.




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I have a pair of water shoes for ds that I picked up at a consignment. I think I'll keep looking though because quite a few of them don't seem very breathable and his feet do get sweaty in the ones that we bought. Something to think about if you go that route.

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