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Has anyone here joined Curves? If so can you tell me what you think? I see the mention taking your heart rate - is it manually or is there sensors on the machines? Should I just buy a heart rate monitor to use while working out there?


I'm terribly out of shape - need to lose about 150 lbs. I bought a groupon for 2 months of Curves to try it out for $29, so I'll be joining in the next week or so.

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It's affiliated with extremely socially conservative causes, and IMO is not especially pro-woman. So if that matters to you you might do some research before deciding.

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My MIL goes there on occasion, but they don't seem to push you very hard.  She just does very light work outs and hasn't lost much.  It seemed like it was designed for elderly women, not women who really need to work hard and lose a bunch of weight.


My local YMCA is not very expensive and offers great workouts and one free personal trainer session. 


ETA: I googled "curves reviews" and found lots of helpful information there. 

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