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budgeting for baby number 2... (or 1 or 5...)

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Hi Ladies,

Is anyone else on a super tight budget? With dd1 I was still getting mat leave payment until this past November, now with baby #2 coming and only one income and not a big one, I'm a bit worried. Specifically, we want to rent a place in a city 5 hours away to have the midwives we want and a much better back up hospital that won't separate me and baby if all is well and I needed another c section for some reason..anyway, that presents an expense, plus potentially more diapers as dd1 will be 23 months then...more food, already as i nurse dd1 so much and with the pregnancy i'm starving...then there's the carseat...I'd really like to get this baby another sunshine kids radian carseat because they last a long time (convertible) and are super safe and have a steel frame so can't be crushed in a roll-over. But I'm not sure we can swing it, and some of our richer relatives are giving us the cold shoulder....anyway, just worries and thoughts...what are you doing to prepare, what are your expense?

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We are on a very tight budget.  My work is contracted, so I never know how long I'm going to be out of work, once a show is finished for the season.  Also, because I'm contracted, I don't get Maternity Leave pay, much less vacation/sick time, so the time I'm off work, I don't get paid.  I was just informed that my current show will be finished (unless we get renewed) in August, but the other show I was signed on for isn't going to start shooting until January (great timing), so I'm scrambling to find work after August.


Thankfully, we're planning on using most stuff from Baby #1 (car seats, crib, toys, etc).  A lot of her clothes were already hand-me-downs from a boy (neutral clothes), so even if we have a boy, we'll be set for clothes.  I'm hoping above hope that my DD will be potty-trained by January, so we don't have to pay for two kids in diapers.  I'll breast-feed the new baby (higher entity-willing), so that cuts down on having to pay for formula.  We've still got the infant car seat from baby #1.  I baby-wear a lot, so we hardly use our stroller anyway.   Most likely I'll be wearing one kid or the other (admittedly, probably the lighter kid), so we don't need to buy a 2-seater.  The birthing center is going to be cheaper than a hospital, due to no overnight stay, so we're saving money there...


We're starting to put away $50 each paycheck in our savings account, from now until January, to cover birthing bills, etc.  I've also had a lot of luck with sites like http://www.once-upon-a-coupon.com and their meal planning (obviously, if you have a special diet, it's not as easy).  I don't know if that will help you or not.





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I'm not anticipating very many expenses this time around.  A birth photographer, for sure.  Our insurance will cover the birth, we already have all of the clothes, diapers, slings, gear, carseats, etc.  Our most expensive cost last time was our new minivan, so we have that covered already orngbiggrin.gif

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Christine - I was planning on a birth photographer for my last birth, but my husband said he would do it. Then I had a suuuuper fast birth and not one damn photo! The photographer (who wanted $1500) wouldn't have made it anyway.

I don't anticipate any expenses right now. We have to figure if we can do three across in the back seat...otherwise we are getting the minivan.
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We will need somethings since we made a big cross country move over hte summer and we were afraid we would be over our weight allowance.  We got rid of a LOT of stuff.  Including the good infant stroller, almost brand new baby swing, etc.  We need a new car seat, or two because the Marathon that my daughter rides in will expire this year.  So sheneeds a new seat and we need a new one for baby.  I will always purchase carseats new, but everything else I am already checking out craigslist and a local yard sale board.  It is moving season in the military so there should be lots of good stuff available for reasonable prices over the summer!  If you live within driving distance of a military base, check out the resale stuff around there during May/June/July.


As far as food expenses I am more worried about my growing boys, they are 12 and 8 and starting to eat us out of house and home!


Other stuff I have already, three slings- mei tei, ring and pouch, smaller stroller- not suitable for a NB, but perfect for my 3 yo.  We still have the crib, although we need a new mattress.  That can wait though since we will use hte co-sleeper in the beginning. 


I am not worried about it too much though.  For use these things seem to have a way of working out.  If we have a boy I will need to find some GN or booyish diapers for him though!  Our stash is about 95% girly.  I have no qualms about him wearing them, but my other boys might get upset ;)

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Our oldest is only 3 so we don't need much.. if its a girl clothes and diapers because I have 3 boys so yeah... an infant seat (that I think a good friend is buying) and at some point a new bed for Travis so that the baby can have the crib.

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Ugh! I just realized that I need another crib. So don't want that expense.
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We're paying out-of-pocket for our home birth midwife so that's a pretty large expense.  I'll eventually be buying my DD a twin bed so that the baby can have the crib, but everything else I think I already have.  If this little peanut is a boy, then I will have to buy clothes as well.

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ugh we have lots of expenses coming up. i'm going to have to work full time through the whole pregnancy to try and keep up (not easy- i work in a room of 11 2 year olds- yikes!). we need to hopefully move into a house so i can try and start up an in home daycare, we're going to have to get new carseats and try to figure out some way to cram a booster, infant, and ff 5 pt into our forester (which i have heard is not easy), clothes if this is a boy, and a few diapers in smaller sizes.

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Before I even got pregnant I decided that I would challenge myself to see how thrifty I could be as a mom.  We're doing a floor bed as opposed to a crib, so that's a huge savings right there.  I have one friend who just gave birth and three friends who are about 15 weeks ahead of me in their pregnancies, so I'm expecting lots of hand-me-down clothes.  My SIL has three kids under 6 and finally "closed up shop", so I'm looking forward to a lot of their stuff (not their awful plastic toys, though).  Plus I'll be cloth diapering, so after the initial investment I'm not worried so much about having to buy disposables.  I'll be breast-feeding (finally these big boobs of mine will come in handy)... And I plan to wear my baby.  So... Other than a car seat and one of those great adjustable high chairs that grow with the baby (dunno what they're called), I don't foresee many huge expenses on new stuff.  treehugger.gif  Seriously, if our grandmothers did without baby monitors and diaper genies, so can we!


Now if only our insurance company wouldn't make us pay for the midwife up-front and then take 3-6 months after the birth to re-imburse us...

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Originally Posted by inky leeuhhh View Post

ugh we have lots of expenses coming up. i'm going to have to work full time through the whole pregnancy to try and keep up (not easy- i work in a room of 11 2 year olds- yikes!). we need to hopefully move into a house so i can try and start up an in home daycare, we're going to have to get new carseats and try to figure out some way to cram a booster, infant, and ff 5 pt into our forester (which i have heard is not easy), clothes if this is a boy, and a few diapers in smaller sizes.

Forresters are very tricky for a 3 across but it CAN be done!!  It looks like your oldest is 8?  Possibly 9 by the time the baby comes?  That is good because a low back booster IS an option, with 2 other narrows seats it is doable.  If you want help with carseats you can shoot me a pm :)

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We thought we were done with the one so I got rid of everything.  It's nice to know what we used and what wasn't used last time though.  I'm going to skip the crib and get a cradle, then cosleep.  The highchair can wait quite a while, it's not like the baby comes out eating solids.  Craigslist will be my friend for this too!



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Its a good idea to start saving a little from each paycheck from now until the end! For us things are going to be pretty tight from now until January. DH works FT, as do I, but he is also in school FT and will finish in December. So now until he is done with school he is working a few hours less but the school expenses have really gotten high. Once January comes though and we resume our "normal" schedule he will actually be making more than he was before. So in the end it should all work out, but its still a little stressful. Luckily DD, who is 5, will be in Kindergarten so we will only have one in daycare FT when I go back to work. We saved all of her old stuff and my SIL is clenaing out all her baby stuff since she is done so we should have boy and girl clothes.

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For us, the portion of the midwife's fee that insurance won't cover will amount to about $1200, give or take.  If I end up with a hospital birth, between copays and the hospital fees, the low end of that cost for us will be closer to $1500.  That's going to be our biggest cost.  (Looking at those numbers makes a UC look SO tempting, no?)


We're going to add to the cloth diaper stash to the tune of about $100.  And since my infant car seat has expired, we have to spring for a new one of those.  And I'd like one of the new plug-in swings, but it's not a pressing issue.  (My kids, for whatever reason, always love the swing.  Hate the bouncy chair, love the swing.  And the swing that I've had since baby #1 only takes batteries, and goes through them like candy.)


Other than that, everything from the previous babies is being reused.  I'm sure my MIL will add to the baby wardrobe, since she adds to the current kids' wardrobes every time we see her, and I'll sew/knit up a few new things.


DF is adjusting his retirement contributions down a little bit to give us a bit of a money cushion for a little while.  (We've also got two houses on the market and a third that we are living in with a decent-sized mortgage, so a year of adjusted contributions and frugality is a necessity.)  We had an already-planned trip to Disney booked that we'll keep, but our "honeymoon" will just be a weekend away somewhere close, and instead of a second big family trip, we'll probably do a family long-weekend trip somewhere.

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I don't get maternity pay as I work for a small company that does not offer it. I put away money to cover the bills I typically cover to hopefully get us through me being off work. Also, I have all of our daughter's clothes and cloth diapers to use for this little girl. We don't yet have a crib, but I am not too worried about it as we co-sleep and have a cradle and pack n play. Everything else that we needed we purchased from friends, consignment stores or yard sales. One of our big concerns right now is that DH is getting partial unemployment because they have not been working regular hours due to lots of rain (he works in construction). Things are definitely tight, but we are doing our best to keep our expenses down.

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I guess I forgot the biggest thing we have to buy.. a new vehicle.  We only have a 5 seater right now and with 6 of us that is obviously not going to work!!  We were going to get a new vehicle in February/March, but this will just have to be a little sooner than planned :P

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Our largest expense is paying out of pocket for the midwife/birth. Oh, and about $300 over that to get my IUD out that was supposed to prevent this. :-P My midwife just isn't comfortable doing it, which I don't like, but I can respect and understand. It's just a big pain since not only is it the money, but I have to have someone watch the other kids, drive an hour, etc. Sigh.


This baby was a total surprise, but thankfully since my third is only 2 and we thought we might have another baby in a few years I didn't get rid of everything. About half of what I did get rid of went to my SIL whos baby is over 1 now so she'll gladly "share" it back. LOL. The rest I don't really need anyway- except some of my maternity clothes maybe. I suppose it will be nice to have a few things that are new. I've managed to have 4 kids and 3 different seasons (the middle two had the same EDD, so that worked out with nicely) so all my warm stuff probably won't fit me when I need it again, but hopefully it won't be cold much here before I have the baby, which is possible.


DS2s car seat will work great for a newborn and I have enough extras I don't need to buy another for a few years at least (when some will expire). I've kept my Phil and Teds stroller that I bought before #2, and I still have my Beco, MT, and slings. We did give away the crib when DS2 was 2 months, but only used it sidecared to the bed, so I think we can work something out. I have a mini pack and play that I can use for a few months. I might need new diapers once baby is out of the nbs and smalls that I have (SIL has them now) since the Ms and OS have been through 3 kids and are getting pretty worn. Overall, not too much and not much is needed initially. Well, clothes if ibaby is a girl since I only saved a few, but family has always been very generous with clothes so I' not worried there.

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Co-sleep! lol

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I found #2 was less expensive than #1.  I agree with the cosleep comment!  A great carseat is a must, don't skimp there, but you can in so many places.

This babe will be expensive for us.  Although we have a big car, we're going to need a minivan to fit 3 carseats, and likely need a new house!  We're in a 2 bedroom now and we do cosleep so we can make it work for a while, but it's going to get crazy when new babe is a toddler!

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I'm trying to figure out what the extra expenses will be for this babe. I still have our infant seat from DD, she moved into her Radian at 6 months, so I guess by July/August we'll be needing another Radian or convertible. DD is in a crib, but I think by the time the new babe will be in it, DD will be ok to be in a toddler bed. I use a bassinet/co-sleep until about 6 months. I have the same old second hand swing, high chair, and bouncer, it's most likely going to be a girl, so no new clothes will be needed. If it's a boy, I'm pretty set on boy's clothes too, thanks to a friend. I have my breastpump and a couple bottles left over, but may need a few more bottles. We're good on all toys and blankets. I can't really think of anything else we'd need! We don't do birth photographers, but will need to spend a bit more now at each photo session we do for the kidlets. My biggest things will be to find a new place to live (not super pressing, but I'd like more room), and see how much it would cost to HB and have a midwife.

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