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Mothering › Mothering Forums › Mom › Parenting › Parenting Multiples › Do you think you would have instictively known there were twins if you hadn't found out by u/s by 20 weeks?
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Do you think you would have instictively known there were twins if you hadn't found out by u/s by...

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Yes, it's another one of those obsessive threads that I'm sure you all are tired of winky.gif Sorry!


Things that make me wonder...


  • I got a BFP way early (3w 3d) and it was very obviously a BFP. No guessing or squinting needed.
  • I immediately felt like crap. With ds I had no morning sickness. This time I was sick as a dog for months.
  • We had a first u/s at 7 weeks. They stuck the thingy in and immediately two black blobs showed up. The dr moved the thingy to the one side and zoomed in on one blob and found the baby. He never went back to the other blob (part of that was probably because it was the end of the day and he wanted to leave).
  • I started growing rapidly (not just the appearance of my belly, but my uterus is measuring large too- at my last appointment at 16 weeks it was just a hair under my belly button. Now at 20 weeks it's about 2 inches above my belly button).
  • At my last appointment (at 16 weeks) I video taped the dr finding the heartbeat (ds wanted to hear it but he was at school during my appointment). The dr put the doppler way down low and got a heartbeat, but it wasn't as clear as he wanted. He then put the dopper way up by my belly button and got a heartbeat. He never said what the bpm were. A couple days ago I was playing around and watched the video, out of curiosity, and tried counting the bpm for both the lower and the upper to see if they were the same. I figured the lower to be around 133bpm and the upper to be around 167 bpm.
  • Movement started early and is crazy! I never felt this with my ds. The movement seems to be everywhere, all at once. Yesterday I was laying in bed with dh. I was feeling movement everywhere so I put his hand on my lower right belly and he immediately felt a strong kick. Immediately I moved his hand to the upper left part of my belly and he felt another one within seconds of the first one. He turned white as a ghost. LOL! At the same time, I was feeling movement (not kicks, but more like rolling/moving in the lower left and upper right parts. DH says we just have a baby who swims in complete circles. LOL!
  • Mothers intuition. I just feel like there's more than one. My mom (who was a LBD nurse for many many years) has been convinced I am having twins since before I told her I was pregnant. She's still convinced I'm having twins, even after the 7 week ultrasound showed one.



Obviously all of these can be explained away with other reasons-


  • Early BFP was just because of a strong baby.
  • Every pregnancy is different so morning sickness this time isn't too uncommon.
  • Other black blob could have been a cyst or something
  • I could just be growing a big baby (ds was almost 9lb at 39 weeks) so the uterus is just a little bigger.
  • I could be counting the bpm wrong. A small error can result in the difference.
  • There's just one very active baby who can stretch out to crazy lengths.
  • My mom and I are both crazy winky.gif


I have an ultrasound tomorrow afternoon, so I don't have too much longer to obsess. I just thought it would be fun to hear some of your thoughts, as mamas of multiples. If you think I'm crazy, go ahead and say it lol.gif

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wave.gif Well, I'll be coming back to check this thread after tomorrow - you better tell us all over in SP if you're having twins!! 



P.S. can we see some more belly pics?? 

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Just for fun, since SSM asked so nicely winky.gif Here is picture overload for those who want to obsess with me for the next 20ish hours....


4 weeks.jpg


5 weeks.jpg


6 weeks.jpg


7 weeks.jpg


8 weeks.jpg


9 weeks.JPG


10 weeks.JPG


11 weeks.JPG


12 weeks.jpg


13 weeks.jpg


15 weeks.jpg


16 weeks.jpg


17 weeks.jpg


18 weeks.jpg


19 weeks.jpg


No picture yet from today (20 weeks).

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You look SUPER cute!!!!  awwww......I can't wait to see pics of the baby!!!  Or babies!  :)

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I found out at 9 weeks, but I was not surprised. I was so sick, couldn't even keep drinks down by about 6 weeks or so. I knew something was up. Whatever the outcome for you, congratulations and Good luck! You look great!
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I vote twins!!!! I had pretty much everything you listed.  I actually used a doppler and listened and found two heartbeats.    I have access through my work to an ultrasound machine so we peaked to confirm my intuition --- two!  So I got to tell my doc/midwife there were twins :-)

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I won't be surprised to hear it's twins.  2twins.gif   It DID surprise me, but I've never been pregnant before, so the fairly early BFP, the early, early nausea and heightened sense of smell, the intensity of both nausea and fatigue.... didn't mean more to me than that my hormone levels were high, and promising for baby.  I think the pains from a stretching uterus at 8 weeks might have been a good clue.  (When I told my sister, mother of four and a midwifery student, that we had two, she said, 'I knew it!  I knew it!  joy.gif  You were so sick!!!'  But I'd also asked her about those crampy stabbing pains at 8 weeks....)  Once or twice, I thought of twins, but considered that delusional.  After all - first try, neither of us very young (though I'm under 35), my past health so severe, no drugs involved - just getting pregnant on the first shot seemed pretty impressive!  We had a 9-week ultrasound, but the doctor wasn't in a hurry, so she did see both sacs, and looked properly at both of them, identifying two heartbeats, before showing me/leaving.


Best wishes, whether it's one or two, and we'll look forward to hearing!!!

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And it's...... one healthy BOY! The explanation for feeling movement all over is actually kinda funny. Baby boy likes to hang out head down with one leg up over his head kicking down low while the other leg is stretched out towards my ribs, kicking. LOL! The u/s tech had a really hard time getting him into any other position to get a better look at his heart. What a stubborn stinker already love.gif

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Sorry that it's sideways, but here's baby Sunburst with one leg up over his head. LOL!



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Awww, congrats on your baby boy!!

As for your original question, no I never would have known it was twins. I've felt fine so far, nothing out of the ordinary except a little queaziness in the beginning. So, I was shocked at the U/S, as you can imagine!
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How funny!  Well, congrats on your little gymnast!!!

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