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Miscarriages! Please help!

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Well, Where to start :D I have 4 kids, so according to the doctors, I shouldnt complain. I have 5 year old twins, a 4 year old and a almost 3 year old. Inbetween my 4 year old and 2 year old, I had a miscarriage. Then I got pregnant with him, and all was well with that. I got pregnant in December 09, and since then, have had 7 miscarriages. I dont understand, why cant I keep a baby? I carried twins full term, and now something is off. I went to the doctors in March and basically was told there is nothing wrong with me on the outside, you have other kids, so there is no reason. No tests or anything. I think they were annoyed with me because clearly in my charts was I was an attempted homebirth with my last one and a NICU stay for 3 weeks. SO yeah, needless to say, I am frowned upon.


So, my last miscarriage was in January, and here it is May and I just got another positive. We havent really tried this whole time, just whatever happens happens. But now I am feeling it. So we tried and I figured I was, I could just tell. Im not due to start until Saturday, and tested tonight (wednesday) and it was positive. Unfortunately almost all my miscarriages have been like this. Test early, then a few days after I am supposed to start, I do and get a negative test. So, I guess my question is.... or are... What can I do? I want to put myself on asprin and progesterone. Does anyone know anything about the progesterone? The asprin is 81 mg from everything Ive read but I really want to start progesterone and see what happens. Any suggestions on brands, how to take it or how much? Thanks so much. We will just see if this works!

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hug2.gif mama, that sounds mystifying and very frustrating. I had my ds on my first pregnancy and have had several m/cs since. Age seems to be a factor for me. Unfortunately egg quality goes down--but there are still plenty of success stories. My midwife recently told me she had a 45 year old client who had a healthy baby after 6 misccariages. Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and herbs) can really help egg quality and other fertility issues. Maybe you can find a TCM person who is knowlegable about fertility, or some other doctors who are more compatible. When you test early and get a positive soon after AF is supposed to come that is considered a chemical pregnancy rather than a miscarriage. I think a miscarriage has to be at least 5 weeks. A lot of women probably have chemical pregnancies and don't even know it. Are you charting? That can tell you a lot. Personally, I feel wary about messing with my hormones (progesterone) unless there is a need to, but some people use the progesterone cream--you might google that. The message I get is the baby aspirin can't hurt. I hope some of this helps, and even more that this pregnancy sticks for you.

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HUGS from me too! I have had 4 losses- 2 before DS1 and 2 before DS2, then conceived DS3 when DS2 was about 15 months old- I thought for sure I would lose him but he stuck. I had all the mmc testing and came back fine. My docs think mine were just chromosomally abnormal because of the way my losses happened (1st was early and spontaneous, 2nd had a great hb around 8 weeks and by week 9 had passed away, needed a D&C; 3rd was a blighted ovum, and 4th started out with a low hb (around 100bpm) that kept getting slower until the baby passed).


Because yours have been consecutive after having many successful PG's my first thought is that it could be thyroid related. I know two people where this happened. My mom's neighbor had 3 girls and then 4 consecutive m/c's... had her thyroid checked, got on thyroid meds, and successfully carried the next PG- a boy! The other person was an online friend. She had 5 boys, no problem. Then 5 straight losses- hers was a thyroid issue too. After taking meds she carried a baby girl (interesting how they both had the opposite gender eventually!).


FWIW I had my thyroid tested and it came back normal. So it's not always the issue but very often can be, esp when the losses start happening later on.


I see you started your thread a couple of weeks ago.. how are things going? Are you still PG? Sending you all the sticky dust in the world!!!!

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