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That's how I keep envisioning myself having this baby.  Not ALL alone, but the MW not making it or something like that. 


Not that it bothers me, but I think I was mentally preparing myself for so long to HAVE to go unassisted that it's just a part of what I see now.  I WANT my MW there.  She's great and very hands off and she knows I literally just want her chilling in the living room while I do my own thing alone in the bedroom and is 100% fine with that...  just wants to pop in ever hour or two and monitor things for a couple of mins. I want that security as well, but I have no fear of something going wrong and I'm prepared for it.  I feel so at peace about this labor & birth (which I'm afraid may be a downfall lol). 


I had a dream a few weeks ago that just stuck with me.  I was at home, started laboring, and I just got in my tub by instinct while my husband was blowing up the birth pool.  Shortly after I pushed a baby out in the tub with no complications, a beautiful little baby.  I wasn't even thinking of my MW until I wanted to get on FB and here and post how much the baby weighed and then I realized I didn't know bc the MW wasn't there to weigh him, so I called her from the tub and was like "Hey, we have a baby!  Wanna come weigh him?"  lol


I guess it's a very real possibility though because she does live an hour away.  But IDK.  I keep going back and forth.  Mentally I want her there and I know she'll respect my wishes and leave me alone.  But I still "see" me doing this without her. 


Wonder if it could it be just because I was planning an unassisted for about a year?

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I wonder if it could be both ways...you really could just have her chill in the background..


I just saw on a show that women are like other animals, we want to go be by ourselves when we are laboring. I know that my dog Casey, went a long time by herself when she had puppies, and then came and got me when she was ready to push. Weird analogy, I know, sorry! It just came to mind!!


With my last baby, it was the middle of the night when I woke up to my first contraction. I just got out of bed, let everyone else sleep, and labored very peacefully by myself for 3 hours. Then I woke up everyone, we got dressed and by the time we got to the hospital it was time to push! Loved it!!

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Oh and also, everytime I look at this thread title I hear that song...: "Alone" by Heart I think?? An oldie.....lol



" How do I get youuu aloooooone!!" *insert music notes here*

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LMAO!!! Maybe that should be your pushing music!! heehee!! orngbiggrin.gif

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my mw has always been present but not really done anything. She just kind of hangs out in the background an then gets up after the baby is born and keeps an eye on things, steps in if she needs to. It works for us.

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