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Love this minimalist home

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I love this home, full of personality yet so free of clutter. http://gallery.apartmenttherapy.com/photo/tom-sams-true-diy/item/259432

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I would be in heaven if my home was that free of clutter. How lovely!

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I was just reading that this morning thinking what a great house that is!!!

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very nice!

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I love all the windows!

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Some great pieces they have there! The particular style is not my favorite but who wouldn't love something so unique and put-together looking?!

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I love the visual effect, it's so clean and open! Very allergy friend too. However as I was looking through the photos, I was craving a nice fluffy chair or sofa to relax in somewhere in the house, as well as a really plush area rug to squish my toes through. Maybe that's because we did the whole minimalist thing for awhile (though not nearly as well put together as that apartment) and although I don't miss the gadgets and meaningless clutter, I did miss the sofa and recliner. I ended up re-buying those two items so we had a soft place to cuddle and read books and such.


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My response to those photos was to find myself saying WOW out loud....they have achieved a perfect balance of style, warmth, and minimalism. Truly stunning!

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It is beautiful, but I cant help but think they have another room where they threw all their stuff so that they could take these pictures!!

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well, it appears to me that they not only don't have a lot of stuff (or only have what they need), but that they do have adequate storage for whatever they do have, so that everything has a place. 

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I loved how they used the color red to tie the house together, but as the mom of a liile one just starting to pull up on things I thought the chair in the kids room with Ernie on it is an accident waiting to happen, and the stuffed hippo on the floor in front of the crib would be the death of me at 2 am. Good thing I don't live there! Still, I would love it if i had so little stuff. Think of how quick and easy cleaning would be!
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