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Who is finding out and who is waiting?

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Hi! I know it's early still but I was wondering who among us will find out the gender and who will wait until birth? I did not find out with any of my 3 previous pregnancies, but I'm considering it this time because we have gotten rid of everything we ever had that was baby related.  So since I'll be needing diapers and a car seat and some other essentials I am sort of debating with myself as to whether or not to find out.  So I just wondered who else will or will not and if you have any reason for that choice?

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We're finding out.  To be prepared (even though we won't have a baby shower this time around), but mostly because I'm impatient.

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I want to wait, my husband wants to find out. I am not sure what we will do.

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Because of a heart condition that my cousin found in utero with her baby at the "routine" diagnostic u/s at 20 weeks, it is important to me to have that diagnostic u/s.  (For us, the benefits outweigh the risks.)  And as long as they're in there, I figure they might as well take a peek at the sex.  :)

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I will find out.  This is almost certainly my last pregnancy, and I really want a daughter.  If I'm having another boy, I want to know ahead of time so I have time to get used to the idea before he's born, when hormones will have me moping about plenty of things already.


And also so we can narrow down our name search to one gender.

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We're finding out for sure because 1) We don't want to have to pick out two names. 2) I can start shopping!

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We will find out.  With DS, I didn't want to know and DH did.  The ultrasound was around DHs birthday, so I gave in as a birthday gift.  Little did I expect how happy I was to know and that it made this whole baby idea so real to know it was a little boy in there!  We didn't tell family though, nor will we this time.  I didn't want to get bombarded with all trucks or all pink before the baby was even out!  Plus then it invites too much speculation on names, and last time we learned early to keep names to ourselves.  Though DS could very well blow our secrets this time...

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We will, too, be finding out the sex. Need to prepare and argue on the name (: LOL

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We will be finding out. Dp is the pregnant one and that's her choice. We didn't find out with ds1 - I carried him and I loved finding out on his birthday. I tried to convince dp to wait this time but with 2 boys already she wants to be prepared for a third ahead of time. While we would love a daughter, a healthy baby is all that matters. I will say that I have an overwhelming feeling that this baby is a girl.

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Neither DH nor I want to know. I don't even want US, although I might get one at 20 weeks just to be on the safe side. I agree that I don't want loads of pink clothes or gender-specific toys, just a healthy baby. smile.gif But I have a strong feeling that it's a boy...
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we will be finding out. I have 5 boys so am anxious to find out if this one may be a girl.......:)

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I can't wait to find out. We have two boys and this will probably be our last...I would love to have a daughter.
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We'll find out. We did with ds too and for me it really helped to know. . .just to help me bond with him and to prepare.  I kinda wish I was the type to just let it be a surprise, but I know I'm not! :)


I have girl feelings this time and I'd like to know if I need to change my mental picture about that. Of course, it's possible baby won't cooperate at the 20wk u/s.

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I really want to be surprised this time... we already have one of each so I'm not really wishing either way.  I do think if I already had two girls or two boys  I would be too curious to wait!  We found out for the first two and DH really wants to know for this one too, but I'm hoping I can convince him to keep it a surprise.  I also really don't want lots of pink and blue...

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We're waiting to find out because I really want it to be a surprise. This is our third and I wanted to wait with the others too, but I didn't have the will power to not know hehe. We have a boy and a girl already, and I don't have any kind of preference either way, just a strong feeling this baby is a boy.

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I'm honestly not sure yet what we will do. Our big hurdle is getting a sticky bean in there. But if it sticks around I'd like to think I could let this one be a surprise. Like some other posters this would be our third and we already have one of each so it doesn't really matter. We fou d out with the first two though and I don't know if I'm strong enough to say no don't tell me!
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We were surprised last time, both of us wanted that.  We also liked getting GN stuff instead of all pink or blue.  That was very helpful.


This time, I think it will be fun to find out, so we will - if baby cooperates at the 20 wk u/s!  lol. 

We'll still have 2 names ready in case the u/s is wrong.  I used to work in L&D and saw too many women who were told one sex and it ended up being the other.  One was told in 3 sonos it was a boy, and a girl popped out!  So I will take it with a grain of salt either way.

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Planning a surprise here. Dd was a complete surprise and I prefer low tech anyway, so it's nota big deal to me.
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we will wait to be surprised.  we didn't find out with DS.  In the beginning I was convinced it was a girl, once he started moving around I just knew it was a boy.  He came out and I didn't even look, no one said anything because we were supposed to announce it and we didn't, I just knew.  Then someone yells, "what is it?", someone said it's a girl, then my dad says "that's a boy, I can see those parts from over here"  it was all pretty amusing!  i have been thinking I will be having another boy, we'll see how it goes if I get a stronger feeling as things progress.

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We'll find out more than likely because I always have a 20 wk u/s like I have mentioned I have a  genetic blood clotting disorder and there is a history of m/c and stillbirth etc.  so since they'll be looking already we'll let them tell us. I dont even like to talk about this because I feel stupid if something happens to the baby :-( . I just pray nothing will.

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