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morning sickness

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any suggestions for nausea / morning sickness for second

pregancy / first trimester?  did not have this with first pregnancy

thanks for any tips!

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Moving this to I'm Pregnant....



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I was sick 24/7 for 9 months with my first so I have a ton of tips but here's what worked best for me:

- crushed ice, lime juice and a bit of salt (just enough to be slightly sour and slightly salty) was sometimes the only thing that worked for me.

- otter pops (super convenient when you don't have time for the first)

- if you can, eat twice as much protein as they say you should.  I noticed on the days that I ate close to 100 grams of protein, I felt better.  Greek yogurt is great for this and I also made smoothies with protein powder to up my intake.

- take it easy!  The less stress and more sleep I was able to get, the less I threw up.

- hydrate!  Get your liquids any way you can- I couldn't drink straight water and keep it down, so I would rotate through diluted gatorade, flat sprite, iced teas, etc.

- let go of guilt.  Since this is your second, I assume you've also got a little one to take care of.  This is my second pregnancy and I just had to lay on the floor near DS while he played and let him watch more TV than I normally would have just so I could get through the days in my first trimester.  If your LO naps, try to nap too, it can help the nausea.  Let the chores wait until later, let your neighbor take your LO to storytime, whatever you need to do to rest and take care of yourself and new little one.  Hopefully the nausea won't last long and you can go back to your regular routine.

Good Luck!

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Unisom and b6
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Taking b6 throughout the day REALLY helped me this time, doing 3 25 milligram doses.  Keep a snack by your bedside to nibble every time you wake up to roll over during the night.  It helps to not be hungry right when you wake up.


Sour candy helps, too.


Hang in there!!

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this will sound totally gross but it saved my life during my last pregnancy.  I had morning sickness and a toddler - those don't mix well as I'm sure you can imagine.

1 8 oz glass of raw milk

1 T molasses

1 pastured raw egg yolk


Mix and enjoy.  it really is quite delicious.

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