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Reusable Q-Tips Anyone?

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So the one and only disposable product in my home is.... Q-tips. I've tried just using the corner of a washcloth and it drove me crazy not getting everything out of my ear. My daughter all ready hates Q-tips with a passion so it will be no problem to get her to switch to the eco friendly alternative, if there is one. So any suggestions for non disposable Q-tips? Perhaps one of you crafty mamas can think of something for me:)


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i have no clue but my dh is a q-tip freak. i never use them!

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Dh used to use them every day, but he quit using them because we couldn't find a non-disposable alternative.

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I'm a Q-tip fanatic and take solace in the fact that Q-tip brand name cotton swabs can be composted. Most store-brand cotton swabs have plastic centre parts which need to go in the garbage. It's the only brand name product I'm stuck on.


Perhaps you could write the company asking at very least for non-bleached cotton and explain why you've chosen to stop using their product, but how you're having troubles replacing them?!



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If any of you are crafty please create a small bamboo 'q tip' with a sea sponge afixed to the end that won't fall off. I think it is possible, but I have no craft making skills! If anyone makes this I would love to be a tester!

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It's intended for use with dry flakey wax so it might not work well if you have wetter wax. Traditionally, one person uses it on another person.

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Are q-tips really the only disposable thing you have in your home??? I would love to talk to you about how you replaced a number of other typically disposable items with reusables. :)

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Try searching ear pick on Amazon. I did and got a number of interesting listings:



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