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Symptoms returning...

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I'm 14 weeks and for the past 2 weeks the HG had been lessening and my energy seemed to be returning.


This week it seems like they're both back with a vengeance. :( I took my girls out for lunch and didn't get more than a couple bites. I've gone from eating healthy again to back to whatever I can keep down. Ugh. Why can't they be replaced with more frequent baby flutters? THAT is a symptom that makes me shout GIVE ME MOAR!!!!! LOL

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My symptoms never went away really- but they got a bit better around 11 weeks and at 13 came back FULL FORCE, probably worse than before.  The last few days have been manageable (says the whole tub of Rondelle cheese I ate today, don't judge me). 


Im sure this is the end.  Maybe just one last joke played by our bodies to remind us who is boss.


...Im going to go eat a cinnamon roll now.

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Ash I'm so glad that you're finally feeling a bit better!!!


Dennie, I'm sorry that you're feeling worse.  The same thing happened to me.  Week 11 was pretty good.  Week 12 and 13 have sucked.  Maybe week 14 will be better?   Peace.gif

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Ash, I hope you're right!


Actually it was 12 and 13 that were good to me! Week 14 is kicking my butt! LOL I haven't managed to keep anything down today, and the only things that aren't making me gag even thinking about eating is junk food. I had ordered a mexican pizza from taco bell (don't judge!) for supper with no meat and extra beans to try and get something that had some semblance of health in me (the beans for some protein at least, since nothing was staying down). They put extra meat on it instead. :( I think I'll see if hubby wont make me something when he gets home from work. We have some soup, and that with garlic bread could just work...

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Hey, I posted before and got a lot of responses along the lines of "when you cant keep anything down, eat ANYTHING that will stay down" regardless of health content. And its SO true.  Don't worry about the Taco Bell!  Eat is every day if you have to.  Its calories, and if it stays down who the hell cares?  Abandoning all ideals I had about eating and just eating what I could when I could was probably the best thing I ever did. 


And, thanks Jaimee :)

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Oh I agree with eating whatever will stay down. I've had HG with my 1st pregnancy, the random arrival of complete dairy intolerance in my 2nd (which has subsided to where I can have cheese/yogurt/butter but no milk/ice cream), and bad m/s combined with whiplash and recurrent sinus infections in my 3rd. WHY do I love being pg again? LOL! I start out every pregnancy with the intention of such healthy diet, and it's shot to heck by the 8th week. I have had healthy cravings with each one, so at least I'm getting something!


I've said before HG is the worst diet plan ever, but has the BEST payoff at the end- a squishy newborn!

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...and when DH gets home from changing his mom's oil, I think I'm heading up to the ER. On day 2 of keeping NOTHING down, not even water, and showing signs of dehydration again. And this is WITH taking Zofran. Tried to play off the migraine as the weather (I get them when storms are coming in) but when it got worse even after the storms this morning, I realized it's probably from dehydration. I'd call the Dr first, but I lost his # when I switched cell phones and I KNOW I need to go in. :/

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I have my energy back, but get sick on a daily basis. As soon as I wake up I place some nux vomica under my tongue (it's a homeopathic remedy), some days it helps, others it doesn't. I will then drink either orange or grapefruit juice so I actually get sick, then I am able to eat something like cream of buckwheat or oatmeal - mild! I had been wearing Sea Bands, but gave up on those. I do take vitamin B and see an acupuncturist. The only days that I have any relief is in the following days after acupuncture.


I try and eat small meals that are packed with nutrition, so that I am getting a little something, even if it comes up. Oh, and I also drink a protein shake before bed.


I hope you feel better!






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Ahhh Dennie- I hope you had success at the ER.  Have you been administered Zofran in the ER?  I found that the pills were completely useless for me but the IV injections worked much better. I also heard they have sublingual Zofran now that works better than the regular tabs.

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I got 2 bags of fluid and IV zofran...which works better for me than the oral disintegrating tabs I have here at home. I don't need Zofran for 2-5 days following an IV administration. I get some normal queasiness, but I can manage that just fine. I wonder why it is so much more effective via IV and why they can't get the same effectiveness in a way that works at home!



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Not sure, but it works the same for me!  I wish I could have a standing appt at the ER to get some IV Zofran every few days.

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Originally Posted by dashley111 View Post

Not sure, but it works the same for me!  I wish I could have a standing appt at the ER to get some IV Zofran every few days.

My best friend is a nurse. I'm seriously considering asking my Dr for an RX for IV fluids and IV zofran so I can do a bag of fluids/zofran like every 5 days vs taking the tablets and them only working 50% of the time...my friend has already agreed to come over to give me the IV meds whenever I need if i get the RX.

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