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Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair

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Has anyone used the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair?  It looks like a great chair, but I have purchased an expensive baby item in the past that didn't work out.  Would love to know what other families think of this high chair, or any high chair, for that matter!  Thanks.

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I did a lot of research and we don't have a lot of room. We got the booster seat from amazon that ties onto a regular chair and I love it and she loves being at the table with us.

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I had a Tripp Trapp with my dd and again now with ds. It's totally stable, totally awesome and I would totally buy this chair 100 times if I had to. Just be sure not to pull the bottom step out past the edge of the base because then it will tip over if someone steps on it. And yeah, it's so sturdy I've used it often as a step stool in the past. All 80 kg or 176 lbs of me on that baby chair? No problem!

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i was a nanny to toddler twins, and later to 6 & 7 year olds,  who each had a tripp trapp.

they are basically the standard for upper-middle class families in europe.

the tripp trapp is a great chair. it is well-balanced, adjustable, and last forever.

they are very, very difficult to tip over, and can fit well at any table.

i think the true superiority to other high-chairs really doesn't come into play until the kid is older.


basically, for a 1-2yo, there is nothing special about a tripp trapp. it doesn't have all the many andvantages over a clip on the table highchair.

the big difference comes when the child is 3-10 years old. the chair adjusts to fit the growing child, and improves the posture, helps the kid sit up straight, and makes it easier for a small kid to function at a grown-up size table.

for my 6 and 7 year olds, the tripp trapp was great. they stayed in their chairs longer at meal times, since their legs weren't uncomfortable an dangling. their penmanship was better, because they could sit up straight and their arms still reached the table .


so to make a long story even longer, for babies-toddlers, the tripp trapp is just a high-quality at the table highchair, but for big kids, it is a big help to making kids more comfortable at a regular table.

and other than a tripp trapp looking awesome, it really doesn't have too many advantages over a much more affordable chair like this

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We bought one eight years ago and have used it every single day since! It still looks perfect, grows with each child beautifully and is about to be used for our third. I am sooooooo happy we decided to buy one!! Definitely worth every penny! joy.gif
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We love ours!  DD uses it every single day (she's 29 months).  I love that she sits right up at the table with us, and that the chair can grow with her. And I love that it looks like furniture and not an obvious highchair.  Now pregnant with number two, the only thing we'll be purchasing for the baby is another Tripp Trapp! 

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I wanted a TrippTrapp, but was totally put off by the outrageous price tag (they are more than the equivalent of $300 here, where I am in the EU). Even used ones were about double what I felt a good high chair should cost. So, we got a copy-cat model for about 1/6 the price.


...and I have regretted it ever since. Yes, ours is good enough. It works, it looks pretty good. Bit the TrippTrapp will not tip over and that, to me, is worth the extra money alone. Plus, the Tripp Trapp can be used even by an adult (of course adjusting the boards to make it fit!). It will last a lifetime and beyond. And the design is just cool-looking. Also, as I found out, if you are done with it you can sell it for about 2/3 the original price on eBay (at least around here ~even ones that are 20 years old!), so if you look at it that way it will not ultimately cost as much. Or you could just save some money and get it used from eBay to begin with.


Every time I see a TrippTrapp (and the PP was right, they are sort of the norm here in the EU)  I sigh in my head and think what a pity we didn't get one.

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We have a cherry red Tripp Trapp that we bought when our DD outgrew her high chair. Apart from the fact that I have darn near broken a toe walking into the "feet", I love it. It's easy to clean, resilient, and attractive. DD is almost 6 and sits very well in it. Although it would last her into her teens, I doubt that a teen would sit in it (I could be wrong!). A lot of money, but in this case, I do think you get what you pay for.


Having said that... DS sits in an Ikea Antelop high chair (handed down from DD). The thing cost something like $20 and I think it's the best high chair ever. We originally had some Evenflo monstrosity, and we were so glad to move to the Antelop. You can hose the thing down, it's light weight, and the tray is easy to clean, or you can pull it up to the table. With DD we used it right at the table. DS is a little more... enthusiastic... about life and likes to smash and grab things, so we tend to use the tray at this point.

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Oh, I guess I ought to add that my dd didn't want to sit in it anymore at 6 years. She was a big girl and wanted to sit on a normal chair. Still 6 years for a high chair is pretty cool.

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I just bought one of these at a garage sale last week for $20! I didn't realize what a fantastic deal I got until finding this thread. I had no idea what kind of chair it was, I just thought it looked a lot better than those big plastic high chairs, and it seems super sturdy. Yay to wonderful garage sale finds! ;)

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I love our tripptrap...totally worth the $$.  In fact, so much so I've bought a 2nd one for our new baby.  Our 3 year old still loves hers and I love that it makes for more social meals as baby isn't out in high chair no-mans-land.  We have a small kitchen too so space is an issue and it looks like real furniture and not some bulky, plastic contraption.  Skip the cushion though, added expense and they stain.  Also I use one of those suction cup hippo place mats to keep my table clean.

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we love our tripp trapp!  dd used it from about six months to about three years (she decided she preferred sitting in a chair like the rest of us) and it's still in great condition.  we will definitely be using it with ds as soon as he's old enough.

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Watch this before you buy a Tripp Trapp. They are beautiful and I would buy one if I could afford one but I would also place it back up against a wall.



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Wow! I absolutely would never have believed that that is possible. My ds pushes the chair back just like this, too, but it slides on the floor. My first thought was either their floor is so sticky that the chair won't slide or they manipulated the gliders. But there are even extra gliders that you can buy separately with the baby set I'm assuming to prevent really determined kids from doing just what happened in that video. I'd still buy the chair!!!!

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