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New to Chapel hill - childcare recs?

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Hello, I posted months ago about moving to Chapel Hill from Boston and received some great suggestions - thank you!  Now that we are here, I am hoping for more great local advice... I will be starting part-time work in the next month or two and am going to need child care 2 days a week, from about 9a-2p.  I was thinking that it might be a good job for a student, since we live relatively close to UNC, but wasn't sure if there is a way other than craigslist to go about finding someone?  Any advice/suggestions?  



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You can put an ad in "The Daily Tarheel" which is the UNC free newspaper.  When we lived there I found my part-time childcare through the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Mother's club.  Unfortunately, our old childcare provider no longer does it.  TriangleMommies.com also has some good recommendations, especially through the Moms on the Clock forum.  They also have a very strong AP-Natural Living community.  Good Luck!!

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