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all my son does lately is whimper

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He is 5 mos. and one week and is typically the happiest little guy. This week, I kid you not, every single day and pretty much every single minute he has whimpered and whined. He doesn't usually cry (thankfully) but he has a high-pitched whimper that he pulls out when he's upset/frustrated. This week it has been CONSTANT. I am about to lose it!


He has been trying to crawl for a month now and hasn't figured it out yet.  I can't keep him on his back- he flips over constantly and then lays on his belly kicking his legs and flapping his arms out to the side and will whimper because he wants to go forward. He won't roll back over and instead will escalate in his frustration (this takes 2 minutes, tops) until I have to drop what I'm doing and flip him back over. Then he will just do it again. And again and again.


My mom bought him some tacky plastic exersaucer thing which I actually said OK to because I thought having some toys at eye level where he can sit up might be good for him so that he isn't only on the floor all the time. He whines in that too. He seems slightly small for it b/c he leans forward too much. He will spend maybe 30 seconds in that before he is whining.


He tries to flip over in (and ultimately out of) his bouncer, so he'll spend maybe 2 minutes in that before he is whining to flip over as well.


I can't take it anymore!! He is nearly 14 lbs now and my back is starting to hurt, plus holding him doesn't always occupy him either. The only thing that seems to work temporarily is to get in his face and make silly noises to make him laugh, and to hold him in front of the window so he can look outside. We take walks and go places, but I can't keep him out of the house all day long, especially because he is now suddenly waking up at 6 am instead of his reliable 8 am wake-up time.


I thought maybe he is teething- he chews on his fingers, drools, etc- but nothing is pushing through yet. I can see his 2 little bottom teeth buds but can't feel anything through his gums. Any thoughts on what going on with him? He definitely seems to want to go, go, go and maybe he is frustrated? I can't figure out how to keep him independently occupied without frustrating him, and I can't carry him all day long.


ETA: He is also doing A TON of popping on and off when BFing...aggressively popping off, and looking around, and looking up at me, and then latching back on. Not sure what is going on!



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My 4mo is doing the same thing!!  I have been told it is teething, gas, etc. but none seem quite right. 


I am not helpful, just wanted to subscribe and reassure you that you are not alone.  hug2.gif

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My son hasn't had any bothersome gas for a few months now (other than the occasional one here and there ;) ) so I don't imagine that that is what is bothering him. The only thing it seems like it may be is teething, but how long does this go on for when nothing is cutting through?

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Yeah, my son has never had gas all day long.  I think teething is more likely, though I can't feel anything in his mouth.  I hesitate to medicate him for something I am so unsure of, and teething toys/cold washcloths/etc aren't helping him.  :(

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My little guy does the same thing - he's nearly 6 mos.


He's been fascinated with water glasses since 4 mo and I've given him sips here and there of cold water. When he's real disgruntled and I know gas/hunger isn't the issue, usually a few sips of cold water settle him. Maybe it's the cool glass on his gums or the taste of something different that does it, or maybe he's just thirsty, but it seems to help.


I've also found a change of scenery helps a lot. Amazing what a little time outside will do!


Yet other times nothing works and I have to wait it out...

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