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Breast Pumps?

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Hi everyone!

Okay, another newbie question for all you experienced moms out there. I'm wanting to pick up a breast pump before baby arrives, just in case I need it for any reason. I figure I can always sell it if it turns out I don't need it. But I may be going back to work at 4 months and my DH would be staying home, in which case I'll need a pump by then anyways.

So, my question is this - what features did you find particularly useful in a breast pump? What did you hate, and what could you not live without? What brand do you prefer and why? My SIL has an Ameda pump and loves it. I see a lot of ads for Medela pumps in my area. Is one better than the other or is it mostly personal preference?

Lastly, would you consider buying a second hand breast pump? If so, what would you be careful to watch for in a second hand pump? If not, what is the reason?

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I had a Medela hand pump which worked just fine for me - but then, I only needed it to pump for one week during a work emergency when DD was 3 months old, and then very occasionally to relieve some pressure when I was engorged, or DD was too sick to nurse much.  It was a little rough on the hands (several minutes of squeezing feels like an onslaught of carpel tunnel's!) but, as I said, I didn't use it much.  It otherwise worked wonderfully!


If I were needing to pump more regularly, which it sounds like you will, if you're going to go back to work at 4 months, I'd get an electric pump to save me all the squeezing!  Whether single or double, I'd leave up to more experience pumpers to suggest...

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Thumbs up for Medela Pump In Style!  It's the only brand I've ever used so I don't have an opinion on any others.  I've only bought them second hand as well.  I buy new tubes etc online.  I've heard you can get them from Medela for free, but it just doesn't feel right to me.

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The first pump I used was a medela PIS. I liked it but I gave it away when I thought I was done having children. A friend of mine who is a La Leche league leader told me that you should not share medela pumps because they are open systems. Theoretically milk can back up into the tubes and motor. You can replace the tubes but not the motor. With this baby I got an Ameda. It is an closed system pump so no milk will back up. If you are pumping a lot i would get an electric double pump. With my second child I was on WIC and they gave me a hospital grade pump to use. If you qualify for WIC you could look into that as well. 

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I have a Medela PIS on the recommendation of my favorite lactation consultant. I work 2 12 hour shifts a week so I used it a lot. I like it fine and I dont have experience with other ones so I cant compare at all. I used my pump all the time. Once we went on a road trip and it was so much easier to pump every couple hours and bottle feed DS in the carseat if we weren't at a stopping place. I would also say it's good to have it before baby comes. I remember thinking I wouldn't need it until closer to going back to work but I sent DH out to Target late one night because I was so engorged and, in hindsight, coming down with mastitis that I just needed to pump a little to relieve the pain.
SO my opinions are get a new one now. And if you'll be using it more than just VERY occasionally, I think some sort of electric pump is better. And if you'll be using it regularly, double electric! I breast fed him for 18 months before I dried up after I got pg and until then I had no supply issues and I think it's partly because my pump worked well. I would pump for 20 mins total. I hooked it onto my bra with 2 hair ties looped together like a figure 8 so my hands were free to eat, read, surf. Then every 7-8 mins I'd push the let down button. HTH!!
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Everytime I've needed a pump, I've rented from the hospital. Its $50 a month but its WORTH IT. I have never needed it for more than 2 months though, so buying a $350 pump instead of renting for $100 never made sense to me. BUT, I can tell you if you're going to buy....I would stay away from the Playtex and the Mipump. Both are awful. After wasting money on these, I still had to rent the hospital pump. The lactation consultant at the hospital told me these were the absolute worst out there.

This time, I'm the awful mom that will only be nursing for 2-6 months and then switching to formula, so I'm not even going to be needing a pump...... :(

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Here is a link on why you shouldn't share breast pumps unless they are closed system/hospital grade.  I thought it was a good read.  I'm in the same boat so I need to get on this quick.

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I buy everything used but the idea of buying a breast pump used didn't sit well with me, especially after I heard others milk could back up into the motor. But, I'm also (ahem) frugal, so I couldn't stand the idea of buying a super expensive one either. So I bought an Ameda pump from target for 179(it's not on their site anymore) and it works pretty well, although you can only use their bottles and of course, I don't have their bottles (except the ones that came with the pump)


I used a medela hospital pump with my son and I kind of wish I had that one still

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I have never seen milk back up into the pump.  I can't figure out how uncoordinated you would have to be to make that happen.  LOL.  I honestly think it's a load of b.s. created by the industry to scare people into only buying new.  I have never had an issue and this is my 2nd used pump.  shrug.gif

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Originally Posted by SuburbanHippie View Post

I have never seen milk back up into the pump.  I can't figure out how uncoordinated you would have to be to make that happen.  LOL.  I honestly think it's a load of b.s. created by the industry to scare people into only buying new.  I have never had an issue and this is my 2nd used pump.  shrug.gif

You're probably right and I bought it hook line and sinker :) I'm not sure how the milk would back up either lol


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