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Packing for travel

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We are going to be traveling for 5 weeks starting tomorrow and I'm packing today... it got me excited to really minimize what I need and see everything down to a couple of bags. We have an infant (who spits up a LOT) and DH and me so we will need a few more changes of clothes than I'd like to bring. I pack in those jumbo (2.5 gal) ziplock bags so everything is kept organized and more compact. I hate how clothes end up in a jumble in the suitcase!


Anyone else have minimalist/neat packing ideas?? 

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Where are you going and what are you doing? How are you travelling? We travelled by our own car. We did a trip for 3 weeks and stayed at extend a stays the whole time. It was the middle of a hot Texas summer, so we didn't need heavy clothing.



1. 2 pairs of yoga pants

2. 1 tube top dress

3. bathing suit

4. Sandals/flip flops

5. 1 short sleeve wrap dress

6. 2 skirts

7. 4 tank tops

8. 5 pairs of undies/3 bras

9. Hat

10. Sunglasses/reading glasses



1. 4 pairs of shorts

2. 4 t-shirts

3. bathing suit

5. shoes

6. 1 polo

7. baseball cap

8. 5 pairs of undies

9. Sunglasses


DS- he was 7 months at the time and a spitter : )

1. 5 onesies

2. bathing suit

3. sun hat

4. 3 sets of pj's

5. 1 pair of sandals

6. 2 short sets w/tops

7. 10 burpee rags

8. Diapers

9. Toys

10. Bottles/formula




1. Bowls

2. Leash/collar

3. Small bin w/food


Camera, Laptop, individual gallon plastic bags with medicines and hygiene products. SUNBLOCK!!!!! Wallets, keys, 3 beach towels, stroller, large umbrella, water bottles/jugs. Large cooler- we brought most of our own food---saved us lots of money.





Everything we had physically fit into a larger and small duffel. Roll most of your clothes and stuff small items like socks or undies into extras shoes.


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Oh yes I know about Texas summers :) I'm from Houston! We are going by plane to Baton Rouge, LA then by car to Houston and Austin. I'm also having a hard time bc he has soooo many cute clothes. For him, I've got it down to:


* 11 shirts/onesies

* 4 shorts

* he will sleep in a onesie with a light sleep blanket

* bathing suit and sunhat

* 2 light blankets

* one thick blanket (to lay on)

* one medium blanket (for A/C)

* 4 cloth wipes/washcloths

* 8 bibs

* bath towel

* socks

* toys: links, teether and this light up turtle that's kinda big but worth it!!

* nail clippers

* thermometer

* tylenol

* teething gel

* baby wash

* gripe water and dropper


I'm thinking I may take out the thick blanket and I'm torn about bringing bottles and my pump... he hates bottles and usually spits the milk right out... It seems like such a long list but at least it's all small!


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Sounds good to me. I forgot to add blankets to that list too!!! ; )  Cool thing about babies is there are easy to pack for because their stuff is so small. : )


We brought those TIDE easy wash tablets- I don't know if they make that anymore- to do our laundry every 4 days. Half the time, I just washed our undies/bras in the sink. If you can find something like that after you get to the driving part of your trip, they are awesome.


I now use a small LL BEAN tote for my son. It's also his beach bag and those things are durable and I just throw them in the wash when it gets icky.


Oh..and baby wipes are your friend in hot weather. I just get the cooling refreshing ones and use them on everything from feet to pits to faces. We keep them in the cooler or fridge.


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I'm an OCD packer eyesroll.gif


I roll outfits to save space. Things don't seem to get as wrinkled that way and can be packed more tightly. I roll entire outfits together to minimize having to sift through everything to find underwear, socks, etc. Even the dd's hair ribbons/clips get rolled up with the outfit. Also, I take a mesh bag for laundry and a smaller lingerie bag for socks- I despise losing just one sock.


I'm also in Houston! Keep in mind if you're traveling someplace hot (like here it's in the 90s all week, bleh) that you will need to either pack more or wash often.


Sweating in TX,


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I didn't see an umbrella, but I recommend one per person or those cheap plastic ponchos. While I don't mind getting wet, being stuck wet while walking isn't as fun. I always bring a backpack when traveling because they are so versatile. I know these aren't clothing items, but they were very helpful.


It sounds like you are set with clothes.

I second the rolling method, it really helps.Oh


Oh, I didn't see a changing pad, but I would bring one that can be wiped down so if the bathroom is icky or the changing station, you are set. I know these aren't as economical, but the disposable changing pads are great as well. My kids always seemed to a have a blow out when traveling, so being able to throw out a really poopy mess, was helpful when washing facilities weren't available.


I also used baby wash/soap as my soap for the trip so I had less to bring. Dr.Bronners is great for both baby and washing clothes.



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