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Anyone have fibro?

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Good day ladies,

I would love to hear some of your stories and symptoms if you are currently suffering from fibromyalgia. My mother was just recently diagnosed (after almost 10 years of pain, and no answers), and we both wonder whether this is what my pain is caused by as well. I have constant fullness and pressure in my face, tight and chronically sore shoulders (up on the top), chronic chest pain (that I've mistaken for a heart attack several times), chronic back pain, chronic neck pain and headaches, chronic leg pain (just above the knee in the back), and someday my arms hurt so badly that I can hardly pick up my phone. Doctor after doctor has said nothing is wrong, and called me a hypochondriac. Any insight would be appreciated. Pain management solutions would also be greatly appreciated, as today is an incredibly bad pain day.


Thank you

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It is not surprising that tests have not shown anything and neither are the reactions of the MDs. Your pain is quite real but the cause appears to be something that does not show up in tests. There are some holistic approaches to this. I have testimonials where my clients have been relieved of these type of pain.  Check it on  http://www.empower-you.com

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