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Swaddling in the heat?

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I'm looking for a little reassurance about swaddling a baby in the heat.  My DC is 6 weeks old and really loves to be swaddled.  It got really hot in my town over the last few days and I'm a little worried about swaddling her in such warm weather (90+degrees).  Not only is she often swaddled but I often hold or sling her.  She doesn't seem bothered by it; in fact, she shows more bother over the heat when she isn't swaddled.  


What do you all think about this?  What do you do if you've parented a baby through a hot summer?  



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We had been using fleece swaddle Velcro blankets and just switched to light weight cotton ones for this very reason. I like them because they stay in place And are just one layer of fabric. Will post a link to the three pack we got on Amazon if you'd like.

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Muslin Aden & Anais blankets. thumb.gif


For babywearing, there are lightweight slings out there, look for linen or solarveil (SV is only available used), or a lightweight woven wrap.

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Originally Posted by Virginia884 View Post
Will post a link to the three pack we got on Amazon if you'd like.

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That would be great, thanks!

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This company makes really lightweight blankets--almost like gauze:


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I had a summer baby (over 100 the first 3 mo of her life) last time around.  So long as we were at home, I would swaddle her, but only dress her in a diaper and maybe a onsie.  

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in the heat strip them down inside the swaddle as much as you need to. onsie/tshirt or just diaper. if your using the miracle blanket its pretty light weight.



eta i have 1 march, 1 april , and 2 may babies and an august


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My baby was born in May last year, and we had several brutal heat waves that summer (without AC!). He slept in just a dipe and was swaddled in the Aden & Anais muslin cloths. I think there are also a few no-name brand muslin swaddles you can get for less, or even make your own if you sew. But we found them cool enough.

We also tried the SwaddleMe brand bamboo swaddle....the bamboo cloth was very thin and cool, but so stretchy that it was impossible to swaddle him tight enough, he always got right out of it. So I don;t recommend that brand ~although their cotton swaddle was fine, but for really hot weather I'd go with the muslin.

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My son was not a swaddler two summers ago but what we found helped was to dampen a gauze cloth diaper (we used them as leak cloths) and hold it between us when we nursed or to cover him as he fell asleep. If you have a breeze or a fan going it increases the evaporative cooling.

This year we will be using the A&A muslin blankets with the new wee one.

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I second the people who said cotton, lightweight gauze.  Leave the baby as close to naked as possible and swaddle them up.  They will be cooler with the gauze than if they were naked in the sun because the gauze keeps out the sun, but allows evaporation/ sweating.

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