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Anyone have progesterone deficiency and a 13 or 14 day luteal phase?

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The new doctor I saw recently wants me to do a day 21 progesterone test. She didn't seem to know too much about charting. (Sigh.) I usually have a 13-14 day luteal phase. Sometimes I've had 12, sometimes I've had 15. My understanding is that a luteal phase of less than 11 days can indicate a progesterone deficiency. Is it possible to have a progesterone deficiency with a longer luteal phases?


Also, the other doctors I've seen seemed to think my miscarriages are chromosomal issues, probably due to my age (they happened from age 40-44). In 2 cases there was a normal sized sac and a tiny fetus. In one case both the sac and fetus measured to small. I've also had a few chemical pregnancies. This doctor seemed to question that.


Thanks for any insight.

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I am not an expert (nor do I have any experience) with PCOS, but from what I have read from other women here, perhaps that is what she is looking for?  I think PCOS women have less progesterone (not sure what their LP is) and I think it can also cause miscarriages.


It can be so annoying when doctors don't understand/ignore the "basics".  My first OB totally blew off my chart and it really bothered me, because I saw some "weird" things in my cycles that she didn't.


Good luck and hopefully you'll get some other good responses :)



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Thank you for the idea BellyBean. I don't think that is it because I have had many ultrasounds and I always hear, "Your ovaries look great." I've wondered why they looked and I'm guessing now that is why. I appreciate you posting. I hope you got someone who would look into those weird things in your chart.

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I've been told the same thing (ovaries and such are in great shape), and suspect I have low progesterone as well. My suspicions stem from super heavy AF, extreme cramps, and a few other symptoms that aren't the "common" short LP. My LP is also about 14-15 days on average, though I sometimes have shorter ones, but none are ever shorter than 12 days.


I will be seeing my GYN and hopefully a RE here soon, so I'll update if I find anything out. smile.gif

I would bring everything you have (chart info and such) and explain if it were me. Doctors aren't really taught anything other than "medicine" in their training, so unless they've researched on their own, most are clueless. irked.gif


Hope you figure out what's going on soon!

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I had consistently 12 day long luteal phases and my progesterone test was on the low side of normal (not dramatically low)- but I couldn't conceive for 2 years- finally ended up taking clomid and conceiving that cycle.  I think my progesterone just wasn't adequate, it was "in the range" of OK, so I had to argue with my doctor that I felt it was a problem, but my luteal phase was never less than 11 days, just not the desired 14.  BTW- clomid can also help you make a better egg, so it may be an option worth trying.  I was scared to death of it, but didn't have any bad side effects and it was SO worth it.

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My luteal phase was up to 12 days but my progesterone was still below 5! So yes, you can be ovulating and have what appears to be a pretty normal cycle chart wise, but your hormones could still be off. My luteal phase does bounce around though and can be as short as 10 days. Can't hurt to do the test. If nothing else it will put your mind at ease. Or it will find something that you can hopefully correct.



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Yes, my luteal phase is 13 and my progesterone is low.  My OB does serial progesterone measurements (not just a day 21 test) that are based on when you ovulate. So he tested mine 3dpo, 5dpo, 7dpo, 9dpo, and 11dpo.  The 7dpo is the one that corresponds the closest to the day 21 test and that one was actually normal (on the low end, but normal) but the other ones were up and down.  So my progesterone isn't stable and my overall amount of progesterone during the luteal phase is too low. 

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