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I took DS, 3 yrs, to his first dentist apt today- he did great!  They did say that everything looked good except for a small cavity between his front upper teeth :(  I kinda thought he had one too because every since he had those teeth, floss catches on that tooth and you can almost see that it is not a straight edge, but more of a inward, slightly curved line.  So, Dr. wants us to go in and "nick" the area with a drill and fill it with a clear filling without anesthesia.  I feel like I didn't ask enough questions...Should we try to heal it naturally since it's a baby tooth or just get it done?  He made it sound so straight forward and minor that I didn't question it too much.  What would you do?  Would this possibly hurt DS?  Is it really that simple?  Also, is it possible to have your baby teeth come in with cavities?  I swear this one has always been there...