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Montessori... My 4 yr DD is in the primary class, having issues

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DD is enrolled in a Montessori program, everything was going great when the directress was there- however, she resigned. Her assistant resigned shortly after and now there are 3 new teachers (not Montessori-trained) in the classroom. They are attempting to find a Montessori-trained teacher, but in the meantime they have these 3 women instead. There are 20+ children in the class ranging from 3 to 5 yrs. DD now clings to me when I go to drop her off at school, she acts terrified, she is uneasy, she says the kids and teachers are mean to her, etc.


I'm very confused. I've gone straight to the source (I know who the 'bullies' are), I've gone to the teachers, and I've gone to the school director. They say they will observe and take note and keep me updated on the progress, but I am nearing the point where I will pull her out of that school and find a better one.


However, I'm a young single working student mom (a mouthful, I know) and I'm struggling with this. I'm having a hard time finding a better school and I struggle with the thought of transitioning her AGAIN (we've moved many times since she was born) and I just want some stability for her, but of course I'm not willing to allow these issues to continue... advice?

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I would be concerned that the Directess and her asst resigned in a short period of time. Do you know why they resigned?

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Wow, that sounds like a really tough situation! Has the school told you any timeline on when to expect actually Montessori trained teachers in the classroom?  Is there only one classroom available or could your DD switch to a different classroom?  How is your DD at pick-up, does she still seem quite upset then?  Do you feel the teachers are listening to you? Is this a Montessori elementary or would your DD have to switch schools anyways once she's 6? Also, what other preschools do you have available to you?


In your situation I'd probably be doing exactly what you're doing.  Talking to the teachers to try to fix the situation.  If it doesn't look like they are going to get actual Montessori teachers there anytime soon I'd seriously be looking elsewhere.  I'm so sorry that your DD is being bullied. greensad.gif

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The directress resigned due to a family crisis that was ongoing and then she said she was leaving to pursue her masters degree. The assistant resigned because she had a better opportunity as a nanny and was ready to move on from a large classroom setting.


They said to expect a new teacher by November. That is an awfully long way away.


When I pick her up from school, she is so relieved, she almost has tears in her eyes and grips onto me. I've gotten to the point where I show up hours earlier than we're supposed to just so I can be with her.


I'll continue looking for other options............. thanks mamas.

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Does the school have a history of high employee turnover?  Are you in a city or in a rural area?  How long since the directress left?  If you are in a pretty populated area they shouldn't have much trouble finding a trained Montessori teacher, unless the school has a bad reputation and has already run through a lot of teachers.  It seems a little suspect that both the lead teacher and assistant left within a short time period - there may be a back-story about the school that you are not aware of.

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I think you should trust your gut on this one.  Also, if she is in tears and telling you that they are mean, I would listen to her.  You owe the school nothing and owe her everything.  I am sure it is very hard for you to go looking for schools when you already have so much on your plate.  Having said that, she would be better off in a great preschool or a great daycare than in a bad Montessori school.  If they cannot attract and keep good quality teachers I would be suspicious that there is more going on there than meets the eye.  


I wish you the best.  Keep us posted on what you decide.  


We are cheering for you!smile.gif

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