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Recommendation for acupuncturist ?

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Hi Mamas,

Can anyone recommend an acupuncturist in the Boston Metrowest area?

Thanks in advance!

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Della at MetroWest Whole Health in Medway is one of the most amazing and gifted women I have ever met! I met her when my baby wouldn't stop spinning around at 35 weeks! I saw her several times a week for the rest of my pregnancy (and after!) She's training to be a homebirth midwife so it was perfect. Della is gentle, wise and has a healing soul. Medway was a hike for me and she is entirely worth it.
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I've been seeing Jen Evans (http://jenevansacupuncture.com/) in Somerville pre-pregnancy and throughout this pregnancy. She's great - very warm, caring, friendly personality. 

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Metro West Whole Health Center offers Community Acupuncture on a sliding scale.  I go to a community acupuncture clinic in Providence and it's great!


It's highly affordable so you can get more frequent treatments!







Good luck!


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Ashland has a community acupuncture place.



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