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no place to put dirty diapers!

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just moved to a new house, and the washer and dryer are in the kitchen!! I have NO place to store dirty clothes, let alone diapers. I usually wash once or twice a week (I like a big stash) but without a place with a door away from the rest of the house (i.e. a laundry room, heh...) I'm not digging the idea of CD. I don't want them in the bathroom either. What would you do? Have a smaller stash and wash every day maybe?

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Me too. I use the hanging planetwise wetbag on the back of the bathroom door and it contains odors really well. I have a big stash too, but find I wash 3-4 x a week now, and just rotate.

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I hang my bag on the bathroom door as well. I hang command hooks up wherever I need to hang it.

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I would wash everyday.

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Well our diaper pail and laundry bins are not in the laundry room so that wouldn't make much difference to me.  The diaper bin sits beside the change table and the laundry bins are in the hallway.  We wash dipes every other day.

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I have a hanging wetbag that I hang on our changing table. In the bathroom, I have an old Tidy Cats kitty litter pail (has a lid that opens and closes). When I spray the poopies out with the bum genius diaper sprayer, I put them in that pail. So, I keep my pees seperate from the poops. I wash every 3-4 days.
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leave it in plastic bag

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We keep ours in a pail with liner next to the changing table in our living room. Since we spend most our time downstairs, it's a handy place for quick changes and keeps everything together.

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My Washer/dryer are in the hallway. My diaper pail is in the bathroom (I have to dump the poop anyway). Everyone has a hamper in their rooms and we have a mesh bag on the bathroom for towels and household linens.

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Our washer/dryer are essentially in the kitchen, heh.  We just use an open pail with a liner next to the changing table.  He is still EBF, so I don't know if this will change, but right now, it doesn't smell at all....unless you stick your nose in it, and then its your own fault :)

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Our diaper pail(trash can w/ lid & foot pedal) w/ wet bag are in baby's room. We have pail freshener but don't usually need it. I usually do diaper laundry every 2-3 days though. I would have put them in the bathroom but it's easier having it all right there in his room with his changing table and all. He is on solids so there were a few times when i used deodorizer in it. lol.


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We have a hanging wet bag next to the changing table in our bedroom. I keep a mason jar with baking soda and tea tree oil (2 cups baking soda, 5 drops TTO) on the changing table that I sprinkle in the wet bag every 4th or 5th diaper change. We wash every other day, and have no smell issues.

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We have a trash can with a popup lid by the changing table. I keep a wetbag pail liner in it and just remove the bag when it's time to do laundry. For dirty clothes, the kid has a hamper in his room and we keep ours in our closet. 

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I use a 4 gallon pail with a lid, and it sits next to the changing table.
I just tote it down to the washer when its time.
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why dont you want them in the bathroom? that seems like a logical place. or right next to wherever you change most often.

we have a diaper champ pail which I love but isnt very big, (was designed for sposies) so it worked for the prefolds/reusable covers but fills up very quickly now that were using mostly pockets/AI2s. I still use it right after i do a load of laundry, since the first diapers after laundry will be sitting a bit longer than others, when its full, i switch to a wetbag hanging from the changing table. both get some deodorizer once every few diapers.  


also, if your washer has an express wash option with no spin, you can just put dirty diapers directly into the washer after changes, then every day or 2, do an express wash with no spin, add whatever other laundry needs done and set it for a full wash. I dont store my diapers in the washer, since its not in the house, but that is how i wash laundry, usually with towels though, since i can wash them in hot. I dont have a very big stash of her current size and it seems wastefull to wash/dry such a small load. we dont soak diapers before doing laundry, I hang dry whenever the weather allows, to sun bleach the stains.


when she starts eating table food, we will probably move the changing table into the bathroom, since its big enough, so i can dump the poop out into the toilet. or i do like the idea that  Adaline'sMama had to have a soaking bucket for pooped diapers in the bathroom and a wetbag for wet diapers. my ladybug is still EBF so we dont have to dump poop yet.

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