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Our Easter baby is here!

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Hi all, I haven't posted much on here but have followed throughout my pregnancy. I'm feeling a little isolated since Q was born and feel the need to talk to other mommies with babies the same age so here I am.


My third daughter arrived on 4-24-11 (Easter) at 8:58am after a 4 hour labor. She was born on her actual due date, which is amazing for me, my first was 2 weeks overdue and second was a week and a half. We had our third home birth and she was born in the water. This was by far my easiest labor and birth. I had done hypnobabies this time and it definitely helped me stay calm and relax my body, therefore helping the process along. This was also the first birth that I didn't have any major tearing or prolapse issues. It was so nice to be able to stay home and relax with my family afterward. Q was 8lbs 7oz and 20in long. She was born with lots of dark almost black hair like her daddy, which is fun since the older two are blonde like me. I noticed a few days after birth that she had a bluish tinge around her mouth when she was sleeping and it turns out that her pulse ox is low. She has since seen two doctors and a pediatric cardiologist and has gotten a clean bill of health but is on oxygen during sleep. They think it's because of our altitude and that she'll outgrow it. I'm hoping it's soon because oxygen is kind of a pain to haul around. She's a champion nurser and is growing well, she was 10lbs, 9oz at 4w 3days.


Well just wanted to say hi and post an announcement. :)

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congrats and yay for Easter babies! Sounds like a great birth and hope she's off the oxygen soon!

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Congratulations!!!!  Thank you for dropping in again!!! :)

Can I ask where you live?  I live in Breckenridge, CO at 9,300 ft.  My son was on oxygen for about a month.  SUCH A PAIN IN THE BUTT!!!!  We went home to MN for 2 weeks and when we came back, we only had to  have him on O2 at night.  Just wondering what elevation you're at? 

He averaged 89-91 while awake so they let him be off until his night study 4 days later (to acclimate).  He averaged 97% that night!  WooHoo!


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Hi, I'm from the eastern plains. Our elevation is only 5500, which is not "high" in my mind compared to the mountains, but I guess it's considered high. :) That's great about your sleep study results! So is your baby off the oxygen now? My baby is averaging 87-93 most of the time but dips down to low 80's during sleep before the oxygen. Even a 74 once. They have done 2 sleep studies with the oxygen trying to find the right amount to have her on. So now we are going to do sleep studies every week without to see. Hoping it doesn't take long.

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Ow wow.. that is low!!! When my son was born he was at 97% then after breastfeeding I guess mucus was breaking up and he went down to 86%.  Bummer. 

He is off oxygen now! He'll be 2 months on Tuesday... he was on oxygen from day 1 to 1 month old then only on it for nights for 4 more days. 

Where I live, it's very common for every baby to be on oxygen.. even up to 3 months!  Is it fairly common there too?  What do they want her to be at consistently before she's off?  They did an overall average for the night... so the times he dropped below 85 may have only been for a minute.  We set the alarm to beep when he dropped below 85 and boy did I get bummed when I was waking up to that stupid alarm!!!! 

Hoping she's off soon!!!!


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oh and what setting is she on?  Grey was on 1/32 which is practically nothing?  So expensive, but I know he needed it.


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Congratulations!  I hope her need to be on oxygen resolves soon.

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The cardiologist told us it's common here, we personally only know of a few other O2 babes in the last few years. I'm not sure what they want her to be at, didn't have a chance to talk to dr before the long weekend, hopefully I will tomorrow. She was on 1/8 to stay where they wanted her but cardiologist moved her up to 1/4. I guess it's supposed to help her get off of it sooner. I'm curious how you kept the cannula in your little guy's nose? When she lays down, she turns her head to one side and it moves the hose and makes the cannula slide out a bit, so I've been up a lot in the night putting it back in and trying to adjust her so it stays. 

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I've heard that having a higher dose is good for them.. helps them get off quicker!  The trip to sea level for us (MN for 2 weeks) really made a difference!!!  here are some pics of him with his canula...


Do you have the stickies for their face? We never had trouble keeping it in is nose... we just had to make sure he slept with onesises that had mitten cuffs so he wouldn't tug on it. 


They're kinda high, right under the temple... slightly in his hair :(


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