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i bought a sling!!!

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i'm so excited - this is the first baby item i've purchased! i just ordered a sling-baby from walking rock farm:


of course it will be at least 6 months before i can use it, but i can't wait!
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That's awesome You will love sllinging! I had my KKAFP before DS was born and I loved having it. I was able to start him out in it early and a little bit at a time. Now he loves to be in the sling and it will comfort him when nothing else will.

Good for you And let us know how you like the sling baby. I was looking at same for DH....
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Great purchase, mama. I am so thrilled whenever I hear of other mamas who decide they'll be slinging from the start. It's such a wonderful thing for your babe. Blessings on the birth.
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Your sling will become your best friend. Trust me on this one, fellow October mama!
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