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ways to work from home?

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Hi, thanks for taking my question. I am currently a SAHM and my husband is disabled. We are needing some income and that means I need to work but can't leave the kids with dh very long. The best option (I think) is to work from home. How do I go about doing that without getting into a scammers trap? Or how to make a living while taking care of 2 toddlers full time?
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Subbing - I'm in a similar boat and would love to hear Sarah's thoughts on this.  I can't even keep up with my own blog, let alone work from home for money right now - but I absolutely need to!!



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Also interested in the answer.  I have heard from several people lately about how the ideal business is a home computer based business but I really have no idea where to start or what to do.

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Dear bluebirdmama,


Good question, thank you!  I think the first step is getting really clear on what your needs and limitations are.  Doing a concrete analysis of how much income you need to bring in, and how many hours per week dh would be able to be with them in a healthy way.  Then, of course looking at outside resources as well - friends or family who could share in childcare responsibilities or a childcare trade...


Even working from home means needing to set aside significant segments of time when you can have dedicated focus on your work, so working from home is not always as easy as one might imagine.  I remember well the challenges of trying to run my business with two young toddlers at home and no childcare, and it often felt like I wasn't doing very well at much of anything - business or mothering...let alone self-care!


You are right to be cautious about a lot of the work from home schemes out there - many are based on a pyramid model that works very well for those that are at the top, at the expense of a lot of sahm who invest a lot of money up front and then find it more difficult than advertised to sell product.  Before starting with any of these companies I would advise extensive research both online, and talking with others who sell their product.


Remember that working from home could mean owning your own business, or it could mean doing something like administrative support for a local business from your home... Consider your skills & interests carefully - do you want to own your own business? do you have the motivation and time and skills to take a service or product and bring it out there to the wider community? Would you prefer to work concrete hours and not have to think about your work outside of work hours?.


Any of you out there have experience with one of the work from home companies out there?  Would be great to have your feedback here!



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Hi Mexicali Mami,


Yes, this mythical "home based computer business" - where to start or what to do?


What makes it ideal for one person is not ideal for all. Some of us thrive working from home online, others far prefer being in a more social work environment.  I love my work, I really do, but there are days down here in my basement office when I would love a good conversation round the water cooler (and facebook just doesn't cut it...). 


The optimal way into home-based work online, in my opinion, is through work that you love doing that is transferrable into the online environment.  You have to start with what you're good at, what you're drawn to and go from there.  


How do you want to spend your days?  What do you love doing?


Would love to hear your thoughts and then brainstorm together from there!




Sarah Juliusson

Business "doula"


Contact me now for a free initial phone consultation!


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I'm a WAHM, specialized physical therapist. I'm posting here because I could use a SAHM who could do billing. Many of us in the healthcare field could use this service. The big companies to me are confusing as well as other negative comments I could make. I'm overwhelmed looking for a billing service. I have no idea what is involved in the training or credientialing. I believe you would need a time out from kids to concentrate.
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Great idea :)   I'm not sure I have ever met a health care professional who didn't name billing as their #1 headache.  You're right though, this would require significant organizational capabilities, extraordinary patience (life with toddlers gives us good training in that!), and definitely dedicated time.
If anyone knows more about credentialing for this type of work please do chime in here.
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