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Accidental u/c of Carden Lonn

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On May 29th we were 12 days late so we decided to attempt castor oil again and plan to have our midwife come out after taking it so she would make it. I took 2 tbsp at about 7:40, with nothing happening for the first few hours. At about 9:30 I started having timeable yet manageable contractions. I put the kids to sleep and watched tv with Zach.  At 11:30 I noticed the contractions were growing in intensity and let my midwife know since she was not here yet. By 11:50 I said, "okay this is it, I know it is". I called my mom to let her know and at that point I was having very strong difficult contractions. So off to the bathroom we went. Zach was amazing as a partner, he lit a candle for me and put on sigur ros to listen to and ran the water in the tub. At this point I was in one big constant contraction and was going back and fourth from the tub and leaning against the wall. Zach was running around like a mad man making the bed up and getting ready. Im so thankful that he's not an in your face type of person cause I really HAVE to be alone during labor. At about 12:40 I realized my body was starting to push with each contraction and it was getting difficult. About 3 minutes later I stopped trying to not push but at the same time did not push and just let me body take it from there. My water broke on that contraction and on the next contraction his head started to come even with me fighting it at first. Zach was somewhere between freaking out, in shock and amazed. He told me his head was right there and to push so I did and within 2 pushes I felt a pop and saw his little body out. I was in such shock I had no idea what was going on but Zach quickly saw the cord around his neck and we untangled it. He was purple but started crying and opening his eyes within seconds. I never panicked for a second. Our midwife walked in within 5 minutes and from there took care of me since I was really the only one in need. Carden Lonn 243534_10150612348060533_770550532_19007610_3955548_o.jpg257245_10150612540890533_770550532_19010566_6095190_o.jpg was born at 12:48 AM on May 30th (Memorial day) weighing 8 pounds 2 ounces and 21 inches long. He is perfect as can be and I got my much wished for homebirth and so much more. Zach and I created this amazing life together and we brought him into the world just the 2 of us working together and that is something that no doctor or hospital can give you. I wouldn't change any of it for the world. 

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Wow! Good for you two. Glad your partner was a calm birthing assistant!

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Ooh, he is gorgeous!  Congratulations, and way to go to both of you on your birth!  That is wonderful :)

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Congrats on getting your homebirth..and like you said...so much more, lol.  What a great birth story and beautiful baby.  Enjoy your babymoon!

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wow....cool. congratulations!

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Congratulations he is so beautiful!!!! joy.gif

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Awwwww. Congratulations!!!

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Congratulations!  He is beautiful as is your birth story.  My first baby was about 5 mins from being delivered on the way to the hospital by DH.  I had a planned HB with both DD2 and now DS1 and DH delivered both as my labors were super quick and intense. I understand the not wanting to push but your body taking over part quite well.   DH was in awe of the birth process and just really beams when he tells of how he helped deliver his children.  In both cases my midwife arrived within a few mins of the birth. 

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Oh, he's simply adorable! Congrats! And what a great story.

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love.gif beautiful ! congrats to you all !

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Wow, wow! What a peaceful sounding birth. :) Congratulations!

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That sounds like a really great birthing experience. Congrats!!!

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wow, congrats mama and welcome to your little boy.

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