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Info needed on supplement dosages

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I'm new to charting and supplementing and trying to wade through the massive amounts of information (and misinformation) out there.  I believe I have low progesterone and a short LP.  I'm charting, using an OPK, taking supplements and waiting to be 7 dpo to test my progesterone levels.  I'm looking for reliable information on the dosages of the various supplements so that I'm not shooting blindly. 


Here's what I'm taking:

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Flaxseed Oil (400mg)


Folic Acid (400mcg)




Vit E (1000 IU)


I'm adding EPO (1000 to 2000 mg) from Day1 till O and saving the Flaxseed oil for the rest of the cycle, Vit C (500mg) and Grapeseed extract to increase EWCM


I've only included the doses on the ones that I have reliable info on how much to take.


I've noticed breast tenderness and a decrease in EWCM since I started the supplements a few weeks ago.  I have a natural progesterone cream to use from ovulation forward but am waiting till after I've tested my levels to decide whether I should use it or not. 


Does anyone have info on how much I should be taking of what?  Does the decrease in EW mean that I'm bringing progesterone up too much?  I don't want to add supplements to treat symptoms that may be brought on by the other supplements.  KWIM?  Trying to figure this out......    


Thanks ladies!

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Sorry I don't have more info for you!  :(  I do know that the current rec. for folic acid is 400 mcg... I know, not much help.


Good luck!



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If your having problems with EWCM I would not take the Vitamin C especially the 500mg which is considered high dose.  I frequent a forum called Ingender which helps women get pregnant with there desired gender by changing there diet preconception in hopes of changing acidity of the vagina.  According to this forum more acidic means higher girl conceptions, higher acidity also means less EWCM, for trying to conceive boy more alkaline environment which causes more EWCM.  Vitamin C is on the girl diet for lessening EWCM, I also take it and can attest to less CM for myself.  In the past when I was trying for more EWCM what has worked for me is making sure I drink lots of water, eat baby carrots and take fish oil, also the less dairy I ate the more CM.  As for short LP, I took 100mg of B6 daily and it lengthened my LP by a couple days, but only for 2 months then it went back to what it was.  Your dosage for EPO and Folic acid sound good but I don't know about the others.  Good luck. 

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Thanks for the tips!

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