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Antimicrobials in shoes?

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I am finding that most children's sandals have some sort of antimicrobial treatment.  For instance, Keen uses an Aegis technology and Teva uses a Microban technology.  They say that the Microban is " environmentally friendly zinc technology".  I am pretty partial to the Keens b/c they work well for my son, and I feel that they protect his feet really well.  the Aegis website says that it doesn't leach to any other organism it comes into contact with.  I read somewhere on here or another parenting forum a few years back by a mother of a child with autism that she would not use any clothing/shoes that had antimicrobials.  I can't remember why.  Can anyone shed any light on this?  It is going to be hard to find shoes w/out the treatments it seems. 

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I don't think berkenstock or earth shoes use antimicrobials in them. I just spray my shoes with vinegar and tto if they get wet...

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Hi -- I just came here to see if anyone knew of sources (a list?) of shoes without the antimicrobial treatment. Yes, it is supposed to be harmful, and I'd like to avoid using it. I'm in the same boat as HRJ, with a kid who's done great in Keens for a long time, not sure how I can possibly find a sandal that works as well (fast-drying, good fitting, sturdy, sneaker-like sole, covered toe, etc.). My kid would also like five-finger shoes and that really doesn't seem to be available w/o the chemical. 


Brands definitely using some form of antimicrobial:  Crocs, Tevas, Keens, Merrells. 


More info (from sources that are obviously all over the map -- it's the www, so judge accordingly):




A TON of info @ EWG:  http://www.ewg.org/search/site/antimicrobial










Might want to get a cup of tea before you settle in to read this MOTHERLODE of info:  



Chacos don't use the antimicrobial stuff. 

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Just got Jambu sandals for my kid; nice shoes, if a bit pricy. Caveat: they LMK that starting Spring 2014, their shoes will be treated with antimicrobials. 

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I have worked with antimicrobials in the past, there are a lot of different types of footwear that incorporate antimicrobial technology without being proactively promoted as such. This is no bad thing as the benefits, such as reducing odors, are really positive for the user. There are lots of different antimicrobials out there, most are perfectly safe in products like trainers and other consumer goods.


There is a large amount of regulation of antimicrobials that goes on behind the scenes, if it really were harmful you wouldn't be able to use it. The laws in Europe have recently been changed, BioCote did a blog story about it recently, it seems as if its well regulated: http://www.biocote.com/biocidal-product-regulation-1st-of-september-2013- 

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