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Yes, my house is clean. it's not spotless, though.


When DD is awake, there are crumbs on the table and toys and books all over the living room. As soon as she goes down for a nap or to sleep for th night, they get picked up. DH and I try to clean up as we go, so there isn't a huge mess to clean up every week. 


I have to vacuum every day or else the dog hair ruins my life, and I don't like to have food and spills on the counters, as we have a very old house and if we aren't careful about keeping food stored properly, we will get mice. I tend to clan the bathroom while DD is in the bath, and then wash the tub while DH puts her in a new diaper and pyjamas. I do find myself with a day or two home alone (we have subsidized daycare and have to use at least 25 hours a week, and I'm not in school full time for the Spring), and that's when I do the big projects like cleaning out under the stairs, laundry (DD likes to "help" and it just can't be done with her around). I mop the floors and do general tidying as soon as she is in bed, so I have a couple hours to relax and watch TV or whatever int he evenings.

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On a busy day I do about 2 hours of cleaning per day, on a day where were in the house I do closer to 4 hours of cleaning. Everyone in the house is always taking on elaborate projects, that are constantly being cleaned up. *sigh* I might have less of a mess on my hands if there was a t.v.! 

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