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NM-- seeing the heartbeat is AWESOME. 

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My beta is going down now, so it's over.

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So sorry alittlesandy =(

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I'm sorry sandy :( hugs

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oh no.  i hope you recover quickly, a littlesandy..  so sorry.

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hug2.gif to you, alittlesandy, I'm so sorry to hear this.  Its so devastating.  Wishing you peace and healing.

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Another chemical for me, and I'm actually doing fine, surprisingly.  I hardly cried and didn't feel much sadness--my symptoms started to fade from about 15 dpo.  I somehow knew that this wasn't meant to be.  But I wish all of you healthy and happy pregnancies! 

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I'm sorry to hear that Heather.hug2.gif

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I'm so sorry, alittlesandy. 


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3boobykins-- that is awful.  so sorry.


how's everybody else doing?

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I also had a m/c last cycle and pregnant again, 4w2d. Bleeding this morning after sex. Anyone else had this happen and had everything turn out OK?

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Ugh saw HB last week Monday. Had a few drops of brown tinged CM so went in Thursday and baby no longer had a HB. Spotted about a quarter sized amount of brown since then and nothing else yet. Go in Thursday doe D and E. It's really sucky having two mc's in a row and this time we got far enough to see the HB.

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Heather so sorry hug2.gif


NolliesMama, so sorry too, yes I agree it is totally sucky having two in a row.  I always thought after my stillbirth that I was "immune" to any more losses, that I'd somehow "paid my dues", but no, how stupid I was to think like that, had 2 more, so yes life can be very cruel at times, and especially after already seeing a heartbeat, I'm so sorry hug2.gif


ChristinaMama, I hope the bleeding stops and everything turns out ok


AFM, holding my breath, 5w4d today, betas and progesterone were good, but as if that means anything, ya know...  I'm at the end of Feb so feels like time is ticking so slowly and everyone else is so far ahead of me!  Don't have many symptoms but then never have in any of my pregnancies, so who knows.  I'm just obsessing and worrying away here.


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I had 2 miscarriages years ago, but we have prevented pregnancy (while adopting our 2 kids) since earlier this year. 

Now that I'm pregnant, I look for spotting every single time I use the bathroom.  Every cramp gets overanalyzed.  I feel crazy. 

My progesterone and HCG levels were good, and I'm getting HCG done again Tuesday to make sure everything is still going up.  But so far, no spotting, and only minimal cramping that comes and goes (which I'm told is normal). 

This is the farthest I've made it into a pregnancy without spotting (by about a week -- I'm 6W4D), that is hopeful. 


I'm just still worried all the time.  My sister tries to understand, but she's never had a miscarriage-- just 3 perfectly healthy pregnancies!!

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nollie'smama, i am so sorry to hear that.  so sad.  and after seeing the heartbeat is so awful.  i hope you recover quickly.  hug2.gif

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I M/C in Oct 2008 right after finding out we were pregnant. Then got pregnant with DD four months later. She's now 18months. And I got a BFP yesterday after a few months of trying. We're shocked that we're pregnant again. But we're also very very nervous.


I'm am approaching this one cautiously and we're not planning on telling anyone till after labor day.

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So far, so good for me.  I got HCG and progesterone levels taken last week, and then again this week, and everything looks great.  Of course, that means no reason to bring me in for an early ultrasound.  I know I shouldn't want one, but I really think seeing a little bean in there with a heartbeat would put my mind more at ease.


I am 7 weeks tomorrow, and I am worried that I don't have morning sickness!  Ha.

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